Wednesday, 31 March 2010

British Summer Time????

What's all that about? 
The clocks changed on Saturday it's official, it should be spring a least!
Look what we woke up to this morning!

I managed to get to work, only just!  I thought about pulling in to let a 4 wheel drive truck pass but then thought that it was safer to let him follow me....maybe he would stop and help if I went of the road???  It's only 6 miles, but mostly on a single track road, I should have stayed home or waited until the road was more used by early morning traffic!

But this is my last work day, I'm off for 2 weeks....'Hooray' what fun, lambing time, tax returns, IACS forms and general farm accounts 'arrhhh....I can't wait'!!

Hope to fit in some quilting time (I have a Yurt panel to quilt, more on that later) and to get a wholecloth designed at least (if not quilted).

This was yesterday...the river is level with the fields!

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