Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Dibbley's been to the Horse Beauty Parlor...Hawick Common Riding 2010

The 'silly season' is about to start!
Lots of horse riding and tradition!
In 1513, all the men of Hawick aged between 16 and 60 were enlisted to fight for their King at the battle of Flodden!  Only women and children were left in the town, the 'Common Riding' commemorates the victory of the young men of Hawick over an encampment of English Soldiers in 1514!
The official day of  Hawick Common Riding is June 11th 2010! This is the first of the Border Festivals and celebrates the ancient custom of riding the boundaries of the parish/marches and the capture of an English Flag in 1514.

There are lots of events leading up to that day, lots of horse riding, so we have been exercising the horses, getting them fit and in the process getting ourselves fit, hopefully!

And of course the horses have to look their best so Dibbley, my steed, has had a beauty treatment!

 Here's the before shot!

And here's the after shot...

Doesn't she look like a different horse, she's had all that long winter hair clipped away from her legs, face and mane and also had her tail shortened slightly, to make her into the 'show cob' that she truely is!!!

You look really smart Dibbley!!!

Bess who is my Husbands horse, (the one I am riding in my avatar photo), only has a tidy up as she is supposed to have long flowing mane, tail and feathers, (around her legs and feet). Robin would be really, really upset if I clipped her too! Bess needs lots of brushing and washing just before the 'ride outs' to make her look her best!!

Today being the first Wednesday in May is the official day for the 'Picking of the Cornet', the un-married young man who is given the honour of leading all of the ceremonies of the Common Riding!

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  1. Different as night and day! Beautiful. Give her a hug from Texas. I love your beautiful country!


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