Friday, 25 February 2011

A day out......about time! Part One

I popped up to Edinburgh (Ingliston to be exact) to the Spring Quilt Show.....

I had to stop when I spotted this carpet of far as the eye could see....

As usual at the Spring show....lots of colour, imagination and are few quilts or sections of quilts that caught my eye.....

Don't forget you can zoom in on the once then click again in the next window....then click the back button to come back here!

Of course there were many more beautiful quilts this is just a small selection...... it was quite difficult to take good photographs as there were so many onlookers to bump into!


  1. Ooooh some of mine :o)
    Ingliston is the closest that the display will be to me and I had so hoped to get up there this weekend and in the end I couldn't. :o(
    I still can't believe there is a display of them!!!

  2. The Snowdrop flower picture is beautiful! Gorgeous quilts! Lovely quilting.

  3. Gorgeous quilts ~ thanks for taking us along. :^)

  4. Such beautiful quilts - very talented ladies! Thanks for sharing!
    I am a bit jealous to see the flowers, as I long for spring here in the Norwegian midlands... but it is lovely to have something to look forward to :)

  5. Hi Rosalind...I knew they were yours...I have seen some of them before on your blog....but what a display in real life....what a shame you can't get to go see was a really busy show...I've never bumped into so many people you don't mind me showing them....there are lots of people who never get to see the quilts...your place must be awfully bare without all of those beauties....or is that an excuse to make we need an excuse.....Thank you for the show!

    Best Wishes
    Kay in Scotland

  6. Hi Kay,
    Delighted that you liked them enough to take pictures of them! :o) I have only ever been to one quilt show so rely on having a virtual show from other peoples pictures.

    Have lots of ideas but haven't really got going again yet this year. It will be the usual last minute rush I guess.

  7. Beautiful quilts - and so lovely to see all those snowdrops together - they are some of my favorite flowers

  8. Some gorgeous quilts. I loved the flowers, thistle, and seahorse ones. Such inspiration!


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