Saturday, 2 July 2011

Checking out the neighbours?

On Saturday we went up to Edinburgh to help our youngest Son move the new place we had a little difficulty parking...the police were trying to move us on....we had a 4x4 with a trailer attached....we actually had to unhitch the trailer and drive the 4x4 away.....we were lucky to get parked near the new place at all as at the 'round-a-bout' the road was blocked, only cars with VIP passes were allowed through so after we had unloaded all the boxes we had a walk along to see what was going on???

This is the entrance to Holyrood Park....a public park right in the middle of Edinburgh.

It's a beautiful park...the roads are usually closed on a weekend anyway as it's pedestrians only till 6 pm.....

This is the house at the far end of the road, this is one of the entrances to Holyrood Palace, a residence of the Queen.

Today the Queen was presenting the new 'colours' (flags) to the Regiments, the old colours were marched off to the tune of Auld Lang Sine and are retired.
This was one of those days when I wished I had brought my bigger camera for a small camera just doesn't do good videos!

Of course there were some horses, that's the back of the palace in the background....

Bagpipes and ceremonial dress...

Here is the Queen arriving ...see the Royal Ensign on the car, don't know why she came half way through....she didn't have to come far?

Inspecting the troops in an open top....

What happens in your neighbours back yard????


  1. Well, I doubt that any royals will be driving through my neighborhood any time soon!

    The park is lovely - very nice to have in your backyard, certainly. :D

  2. Kay that looked like a lot of fun...I have been there too... amazingly. You are so lucky to have all that history 'in your back garden ' Joan

    Think I have fixed blogger for the moment - I hope!!

  3. my dogs use the neighbors as a potty...but if the queen was visiting, i think i'd keep a closer eye on them :)

  4. Hi, I have enjoyed browsing your blog and am now following!
    My late mum came from the borders so I am very interested in anything to do with that part of the country. My father was a native Shetlander and they spent their married life up here.
    I am also interested in your quilting and other news and hope you will have time to pop over to my blog and maybe follow me too. We are having the Tall Ships visit us this month so I will also be posting some of my photography from that. Quilting and photography are my main hobbies. And I love my 3 cats too!!!
    Take care
    Shetland Isles

  5. Will and Kate are visiting Canada right now but I don't think I'll be seeing then in my neighbours back yard! :)


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