Wednesday, 13 July 2011

The way we were!

This is a photograph of a scanned image of a photograph taken at this time of year when there were hay stooks in the fields....I'm guessing about 60 years ago.....that's our white house on the left... looks a bit of a drieke kind of a day but it is an old photograph!

This is the same view taken this evening at 7.30pm...the little stone bothy is gone and there's a new hay shed, a cattle shed on the left, two big sheep sheds on the right and lots more trees for shelter belts...this can be a windy valley....silage bales are in the field these days....

I can't say 'all is safely gathered in' just yet but you have to take advantage of this good weather while you can!


  1. Hay stooks remind me of my childhood here in Shetland. I loved working with the hay! I also remember being the only one in the family who liked singling "neeps"!! And of course everyone gathered for everyone elese's tattie "hentin". Aaaah! Where has community spirit gone?
    Thank you for sharing those photos Kay.

  2. Hi Kate....Yes, I remember tattie picking...never did neep singlin' though guess that would be a dangerous activity with those sharp implements...we still have a good community spirit here in our valley and I suspect that on Shetland you do too but life is a bit different nowadays isn't it?

    Best Wishes

  3. I love comparing time seperated photos. There is an old photo of local area at my doctor's surgery, and I love comparing it to how it is now.

  4. I enjoyed the photos and comparing them. Nice post. :)

  5. What a beautiful farm, youre very lucky to live in the country and have horses and quilts! Your boys gymkanna brings back memories of my growing up with ponies, very cute! I always wanted to live in Europe, many more horses than here in the US, a proper place for the horse mad girl I was. Oh well now I quilt and dream of horses. Thanks for sharing your life.

  6. Ooh, I love seeing pics of old farm places, and even better to see the farm still there and thriving! And framed by beautiful quilting--fabulous!


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