Friday, 19 August 2011

Access all areas?

Well, when you're away from home you still have to have internet access, so for my recent trip I realised quite late in the day that I needed some kind of protection for my 'netbook'. I thought I would make a quick pouch, which turned into a bag, which turned into a quilted bag with double padding and pockets....not as quick as I had intended!

I didn't remember or have time to take loads of photos....

Here are the two main pieces already quilted.....

This inside pocket is made up from pieces of fabric from my first ever freemotion quilted quilt, it has wadding/batting and backing fabric and is stitched in the ditch, there's also an interior hidden full size pocket.

So there's room for my power cords and USB sticks, mobile modems etc. to be stored in a separate pocket so that my netbook doesn't get scratched.....

It's already been to Birmingham and back and protected my netbook well.

How can we live without the world wide web?


  1. Beautiful! Amazing what we can do under pressure at the last minute. I like all the accessory pockets.

  2. Like it very much, extra pockets for all those cords are a good idea !!

  3. I just bought a pattern for my Kindle and plan on using batiks as well. I love this bag and could surely use one of those, too. Thanks for giving me one more idea and project to cram onto my list.


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