Monday, 4 June 2012

Exciting times.....

I've got Grandma bragging rights!

What an exciting weekend!

It started early with the Chase for Kyle and his Dad  last Thursday night,  Fi had her first 1/2 ride out on Saturday and then to top it all Kyle was Champion with most points scored at the Mosstroopers Gymkhana on Sunday afternoon.  A great achievement as he was up against others who were pony club trained.  Kyle and Layla are mostly home schooled by us now although Kyle and Fi did have some riding lessons in their early years. To qualify to take part both pony and rider must have riden the Mosspaul ride out (26 miles) and gained their Mosstroopers or Mosspaul Ride Out badge. 

We took Fieron's pony Rosie along for the ride and Fi was allowed to join in a few of the games but of course isn't a Mosstrooper so it was just for fun on her part but good experience for her and Rosie.

But the real stars of the day were Kyle and Layla, they both took everything in there stride and did exceptionally well in the 'Handy Pony' class!

Musical mats.....a bit of a disagreement.... I think if Kyle had been a bit less competetive and more of a gentleman he should have conceded there especially when the the assessor was the young ladies Father, poor Abbie!

Six rosettes...... 2 x red 1sts, 3 x blue 2nds, 1 x yellow 3rd and the Cup!

Well done Kyle and Layla, you make a great team!


  1. Well done, Kyle and Layla!

  2. Thanks Lynne, I'll pass on your good wishes....

  3. Way to go Kyle and Layla. You should be a very proud grandma. Winning a cup is a big deal.

  4. Thanks Cathy, 'proud' is an understatement!

    Best Wishes
    Kay in Scotland


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