Friday, 22 March 2013

Carpenter in the family? Apologies too.....

First of all can I apologize to any of you who have received spam emails from my account, don't click on any links in those emails they are not from email account was hacked....what do these people get out of doing such things....darned annoying!

Any of you interested in 'wholecloth quilts' take a look at this link to Adam Cheneverts Etsy site where Adam sells his DVD ....great videos with lots of information.... 'Wholecloth Design and Execution'

It's been a busy couple of visits, lots of chatting and quilting still to be done too. I did manage to fit in a few quilts but have still more to blog about.

Doreen's Carpenters Star 2

Doreen's Carpenters Star 1

This is Doreen's Carpenters Star, lovingly made as a wall hanging for her DS, we decided on a simple custom design rather than a panto, it turned out well, so here's hoping when it's bound it will be hung in a special place.

QS 2

QS 1

The Carpenter is in my family......I received these as a late birthday present......can you guess what they are, answers on a postcard leave a comment....


  1. Free standing design wall?

  2. Hmm, it could become a portable design wall when you're not hanging quilts on it for photographing! Very nice - the quilt and the carpentry!

  3. What a great quilt hanger! I will have to show my husband :)

  4. Gotta be some kind of quilt rack? Fabulous!! Your work on this Carpenter's Star is so pretty, Kay!

  5. I guess they are for hanging quilts.
    I did get an email from you, but something just felt fishy about it so I deleted it.
    Lovely quilting job.

  6. Is it some kind of frame, possibly for displaying quilts???
    The carpenter's star turned out lovely Kay :)

  7. My guess is that they are quilt stands....have you bought the DVD mentioned, and would you recommend it?. pippa

    1. Hi Pippa,I've only really taken 2/3 quilting classes and one of them was this DVD but's good, Adam is a longarm quilter.

  8. I could sure use one of these for a hanging display for quilts and I have a carpenter that lives with me! Think I will have to put a request in.
    Love the quilt and quilting....beautiful. I did get one of those emails....but know better than to open them.

  9. They look very similar to my guilds quilt stands. but with a bottom rail I'd day it is going to be a design wall and background for photographs too.

  10. great quilting! your birthday gift is nice too. that quilt hanger will come in handy for photographing quilts!

  11. Hmmm ..... what could that be .......
    Limbo dancing frame?
    Pole vault stand? (mine is the first level at the bottom ;o)
    Horse jumps?
    ....... er .... er .....

  12. Hmm, det kan bli en bærbar design vegg når du ikke henger quilts på det for å fotografere! Veldig hyggelig - quilt og snekring!

    snekker fredrikstad
    or snekker moss


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