Monday, 20 May 2013

Wet for Roberton

It had to be the wettest 'ride out' possible.....just as the horses came out of the trailer the heavens opened and didn't stop....lots of soggy photos today.....

Cornet Leaving for RobertonRoberton

Graham & Kyle

Kyle & Bess



HC 2

HC 3

Chris the Cornet

Roberton Field


It rained that much that the river was the horses had to detour passed my the 20 or so years we've lived here it's only the second time the ride has come this way......

Spattered 2

No amount of rain can wash the smile from Kyle's face on a 'ride out' day.....


  1. What a fantastic lifestyle !!! Rain included...

  2. What a smile - it just lights up the photo!!

  3. The ride looks like fun, even if it is wet! Everyone looks dressed for it, and that smile sure does tell it all, doesn't it?

    Great pictures, Kay, thanks for sharing!


  4. What a great picture of "Kyle". Love it. He is totally enjoying the day! I am Loving all your pics and stories here in Ontario Canada. My family used to have horses and everyone rode but me. I managed to fall off several times, once breaking my arm.... so alas... it scared me off from riding. Bones don't heal as fast anymore... ha ha

  5. Glad that Kyle enjoyed himself.... looks a bit of a mucky business.... LOL...

  6. Eek! Looks like some of the weather we've had on our vacation but that's all past now! (Unfortunately, I'll soon be saying that about our holiday!)

    What a great smile!


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