Wednesday, 9 March 2011

When you need some elbow room!

When I bought my longarm...I was conscious of the fact that the floor in my studio had bouncy well sprung floorboards. So to stop my machine and frame from moving around I cut four of these disks from an off cut of my heavy duty kitchen carpet and installed one upside down (carpet to carpet) under each leg.....

They worked really well, my frame didn't move and there was no vibration at all!

But I did have a problem....when working from the back of the machine as I do occasionally when using a pantograph, I kept banging my elbows on the wall behind, this meant that I couldn't get smooth enough curves  (I'm very picky)....I just needed another six inches of space but those carpet disks kept my frame so stable that there was no way I could move weighs a ton!

One solution would have been to install castors designed specially for my frame....but they cost £££'s!

I found another solution that cost me just £2.00 for a pack of four....

I installed one of these sliders under each leg with the plastic side down on the carpet and the foam upwards and now I can slide that very heavy frame in and out bit by bit when I need too to give me those extra six inches that I need to smooth out those curves!!!!!



  1. Where there is a will there's a way!

  2. are the clever one....good job.

  3. You are one clever cookie! I have pieces of (very rough cut) carpet under the legs of my heavy cutting table...its on porcelin tiles - and I can give it a shove when needed - so I understand what you mean

  4. Sometimes low-tech is best!


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