Tuesday 30 October 2012

Teasing again......

I know I haven't blogged very much just lately but I've been a bit busy for the past few weeks quilting....lots of quilting.
Here's a quick tease,

I'll do a proper post in a few days....

Teasing again.jpg

Friday 26 October 2012

Blogger's Quilt Festival Fall 2012

Amy over at Amy's Creative Side is again hosting the Bloggers Quilt Festival....this is a twice annual event held to coincide with spring and autumn 'quilt market' to give those of us unable to attend a show all of our own. Thank you Amy for hosting this remarkable event, there is always so much eye candy, it makes your mouth water!

This year I am entering 'quilted cushions', yes cushions!

These were a birthday present for my Mother. 

Quilted Cushions 20"x 20"
Longarm Quilted by me

Small wholecloths

The cushions are around 20" square before binding with a 22" feather filler to make them nice and 'plumpsious'. The fabric is a shiny crinkled taffeta and is shot through with black, a bit difficult to photograph, the red tinged photos show the quilting a little better. I did draw in some diagonal guidelines to keep me on the straight and narrow and a few 'S' shapes on the one with the mini feathered wreath in the centre, but essentially these are freemotion hand guided by me, no computer, (maybe in the future). The blue cushion shows the difference if you spend more time and push back the background, then the feathers have more definition!

You can quilt anything on a 'longarm'!

Thanks for visiting my blog...come back often.

Thanks again Amy!

Wednesday 24 October 2012

A bit of colour...

There's nothing like a bit of colour on a dull day.....

Autumn Colour

Autumn Colour

This tree is always stunning.....

Friday 12 October 2012


I love to see quilts piled high, gives me a warm feeling!

I used Wildflower, Happy Times and 'Daisies and Loops' which is a new panto.... although the flower centers are small and a little tricky it turned out really nice!

Wednesday 3 October 2012

A little bit of 'stitchery'....

I recently quilted a custom job for my customer Charlie. Charlie patiently embroidered all of the blocks in this lovely quilt and pieced them with batiks which gave the quilt a modern feel. I quilted feathers and loops to push back the background as Charlie requested giving the 'stitcheries' centre stage....turned out great, take a look....

Charlie layered up the quilt using 505 spray with 2 layers of batting and an additional circle of batting under the embroideries. A circle of 'zigzag' stitch held everything in place although we were pleased there was not even one pucker after quilting on my longarm.
You can buy many stitchery patterns like these 'life is for loving' embroidery blocks from Anne at 'Stitchin Heaven on the 697'