Thursday 29 September 2011

Scottish Quilt Championships 2011

Well, it's been some week, a new website and 4 Rosettes for two entries...yes 'four!'

The Victorian Lady....1st for Machine Quilting

Flourish won

1st Wholecloth
1st Longarm Quilting
3rd Small Wallhanging....

All ribbons are golden yellow with a central disk with details....

I can hardly believe I won both of the machine awards...I am thrilled!

A Wealth of Talent!

Of couse there were lots of wonderful quilts, here are just a few of my favourites....

This was the Champion Quilt...wonderful choice of fabrics with fantastic shading and thread painting, I went back to look at this a few times, so much detail, it just draws you in! !

I know I'm a longarm machine quilter but I really appreciate beautiful workmanship of any kind, the colours of this quilt are wonderful, very precise piecing and fabulous hand quilting.

This applique quilt is wonderful, again amazing colour choices, beautiful!

Another beautiful quilt with many three dimentional elements and machine quilted motifs won 1st Bed Quilt!

Tuesday 20 September 2011

My New Website is Live!

Well, there's been a lot going on in the background recently. My youngest Son has designed a website for me, I think it looks great and it's now 'Live' so, I guess that means I am in business!

Here it is

It is still a work in progress but is up and running, have a look around and let me know what you think?

Monday 19 September 2011

Liberty Hunter's Star......

This quilt is made from Tana Lawn cotton fabric by Liberty of London, this is a very fine soft cotton with a high thread count. The pattern is a scrappy Hunter's Star using samples of lots of different fabrics from this very famous range.
It's amazing the difference a border fabric can make, there was really only one choice but I wanted to see which fabrics jumped out against these colour options.
I would have liked a real red but the blue fabric is the Tana Lawn, so we now have a blue quilt, that's what happens, see how the border fabric dominates and makes this a blue quilt.

I chose a white on white backing fabric and used Superior Bottom Line in white for the needle and bobbin. This is a fine thread, the white has a translucent quality which seems to mix with all colours and doesn't shout out against any of them, so the thread blended into the top of the quilt really well, I also changed down from an 18 to a size 16 needle. This quilt finished at 95" x 95", I used Quilters Dream wool batting/wadding as I love wool, but also because wool has a lovely soft drape to it, I was looking to keep the soft quality of the Tana Lawn cotton fabric.

Now quilting wise, I had many options, lots of custom designs came to mind, but in the end I chose a pantograph, 'Wildflower' by Willow Leaf Studio, it's an open design which keeps that soft flowing feel, and although it's a wool quilt it's going to be perfect for summer or an extra quilt for the bottom of the bed in winter.

Sunday 18 September 2011

It's that time again!

There is a definite chill in the air and the nights are putting in so.....

It's time for the big switch on...definitely an 'Arrrrrhhhh' moment!

Sunday 11 September 2011

At last....

Well, at last I've been to see the 'Quilted Yurt'....errected!

On Saturday I made the effort to travel up to Perth for the QGBI Regional Day to see the constucted yurt, this is the British Yurt as all of the American panels have been returned to the US, I have seen all of the US panels on a previous visit to Linzi's workshop when unfortunately the yurt was dismantled.
The panel that I quilted is the courthouse steps, below the navy blue roof panel in the photo below.

Linzi gave a long and humerous talk about the inspiration, developement and plans for the yurt and her future projects.

At lunch time there was lots of interest in all the quilted panels....I have to say most of these panels (well, except the one quilted by Janette of J-Quilts and the one that I quilted on my previous Mega Quilter machine) were quilted by Linzi....on her freemotion hand guided longarm....non of us have computers on our longarms!

In the afternoon we were entertained with a display of quilts from the collection of Jan are a couple of my favorites...

Jan had some wonderful quilts in her collection, some with amazing history, but this 'triple wedding ring' was my favorite...isn't it wonderful?

When I saw some of Jan's own colourful quilts I wished that I had signed up for the all day Sunday class....

All in all an entertaining day!

Tuesday 6 September 2011

Best to be on the safe side.....

What do they put in those colour catchers??? Synthrapol???

The colours of this batik wide back are perfect for this pieced top....I washed it when I bought it last year but thought I had better wash it again...threw in a colour catcher, washed it again and again and again...The first time was probably without a colour catcher, the next three times with a colour catchers....Then once with a piece of cotton muslin that came out tinged with turquoise and once with a colour catcher and cotton muslin, the muslin came out white this time but still lots of colour on the catcher.....well, proves that the catchers work. I think this backing has been washed six times in all...there's a lot of white in my top....wonder if I should wash it again????

I think enough is enough???