Friday 25 November 2011

Clamshells and Scollops!

Sounds like a seafood dish doesn't it, but no it's time to put an extra quilt on our bed to warm my feet.

I've had this quilt a long while, it's hand quilted although you don't get many of these stitches to the inch?

Scalloped/swagged borders with fleur de lis, clamshells, cable border with an interesting corner treatment and sunbursts, I'm not sure about the orientation of the clamshells, I think I would have done those in a portrait orientaion as it really fits a single bed. The edges are finished with a turned knife edge.

So, I would say this is a wholecloth quilt even though both the front and back have three sections of fabric each.....So, those of you who know about these things, what do you think, is it still considered a wholecloth?

Sunday 20 November 2011

How big is your machine?

That's a question that many Longarm Quilter's get asked....I think what's meant is 'what is the biggest quilt you can quilt on your longarm?'
Well, the frame on which my longarm machine glides has 12 ft rails so that means that one side of the quilt could comfortably be up to 130 inches (maybe slightly bigger), but the other measurement can be longer as the quilt is wound on the rails as you advance.....I don't know who would want a quilt bigger than 130" x 130".....but it could be done!

But today's more relevant question is 'how many quilts can you quilt on your

Answer for today is 'Eleven!'

Well...that's five on the first row....(the tops of two pillow shams, the tops of two cushions and a cushion back at this end).

And that's another six on the second row.....(two Christmas wallhangings, two Christmas table mats, a cushion top and another white cushion back at the far end). Of course if my piece of backing fabric had been a little bit bigger, I could have also quilted another cushion back to finish off .....maybe next time!

I'm having a bit of a tidy up using up some orphan blocks that you may recognise and finishing up some small projects, some of which belong to my GKids.  These small quilts are all loaded on the same cream backing fabric although I am using some smaller offcuts of batting that have been lying around waiting for just the right project.

It takes a while to load all of those little quilts but it would have taken alot longer if they were all on seperate backings.

Thursday 10 November 2011

Feather Fans!

I've really enjoyed quilting my bought in quilt tops, it's given me the opportunity to experiment on a variety of styles and designs of quilts but also the quality of the piecing has thrown up lots of shall I say 'educational opportunities'.....I've needed to work my way around a few problems and find out how to enhance the piecers work to the best of my abilities.

Before quilting

I have to say that this top didn't really have any issues.....I did re-arrange the borders a little but that's all....I used this top as one of my 'what if' quilts, 'What if I try this and what if I try that'.
I tried a few new to me techniques including Ronda Beyers "S" shaped rulers .....only I would choose to use the largest of her rulers for my first try, those things are huge and a little difficult to manage....imagine it, ruler in one had, longarm in the other?

This is all freemotion, handguided and ruler work!

Everyone knows I'm a 'fan of feathers' this is 'Feathered Fans'.

It finished at 88"x66", I used white Glide thread on top, Bottomline in the bobbin, Super Poly batting/wadding gave lots of definition. When I spied it I just couldn't resist this fabric for the's Rosalee from Ikea, the colours were perfect for this top!

I've noticed a few new followers are stopping by, I'd like to say welcome to you all!

Greenfairy Giveaway

The Greenfairy  at  is having an awesome giveaway....well, Clint is really busy while Judy is away learning lots of new quilty stuff....why don't you pop on over to 'The Green Fairy' and take part in the never know you may be a winner??

Tuesday 8 November 2011

Nature all around us?

I took this photo in the middle of town this morning, this little guy stakes his claim to this spot on the stream, he is very patient and for his troubles he is often rewarded with breakfast....indeed as I peered over the river wall he bent down and just picked up a small fish which riggled a little and then slid down the herons throat before I could turn on my camera.....

Did you notice the light switch on the far side of the bridge....this heron lives in 'the lap of luxury', he has an electric light under the bridge....look, that's cool, great for the dark nights, he can fish after hours!

Wonder how he turns it