Saturday 24 November 2012

Tutti Fruiti....

Tutti Fruiti, oh Rudy
A whop bop-a-lu a shop bam boo!

As I was working away quilting this quilt I kept singing this was the colours that set me off singing, especially when I laid out some threads to quilt the geese, at the time I didn't know that was the name of the quilt.
Sometimes, a quilter receives a quilt that is special...this was one of them. The top was appliqued and pieced a few years ago as a sample in a class taught by pattern designer duo Mother and Daughter, Mary and Karen Milne of Patchwork Creations in Aberdeen. It's a stunning pattern and top, Karen made a wonderful job of the machine applique. The batik fabrics and colour choices add a sophisticated elegance to this modern design.
Karen gave me permission to quilt it as I thought fit, there was lots and lots of open space for quilting.  

White Glide thread on top and white Bottomline in the bobbin, the only place that I used coloured threads was in the flying geese......batting was my customers's own, measures 84x84....

I would class this as Full Custom or even Heirloom Quilting.

I think the photos speak for themselves......I wanted this quilt to shout out 'look at me!'

Tutti Fruiti 2

Tutti Fruiti 3

Tutti Fruiti 4

Tutti Fruiti 5

Tutti Fruiti 9

Tutti Fruiti 6

Tutti Fruiti 7

Tutti Fruiti 8

Tutti Fruiti 10

I didn't want to give this one back but I can hear it shouting 'look at me' all the way from Aberdeen.....Can You?


  1. OH. My. Goodness!!! Kay, you outdid yourself on this one. It is absolutely, amazingly beautiful. Definitely heirloom quilting. I really love the motifs you used. Neat how the lines in the quilted "sashes" radiate in the corners. Love the quilted flower between the pairs in the inside border. You achieved a perfect balance of linear and organic themes. This is just spectacular. Your customers must be bowled over by your work. :D

  2. This certainly does shout Look at me! You did a fine job on your choice of quilting. This is a stunning quilt, your customer will be pleased. Thanks for sharing your talents.

  3. I really can hear this one shouting "look at me" Kay, it's marvelous.

  4. OMG it's beautiful!!!!!!!! Love your creativity.

  5. Gorgeous, gorgeous quilting!

  6. Well this certainly has the WOW factor! Absolutely spectacular!

  7. Definitely *WOW*! Spectacular :)

  8. Kay, I can hear this one screaming at me from across the world!! You made this quilt absolutely stunning!! Its gorgeous!!

  9. Wow! Kay, you have excelled yourself! It certainly shouts and for a very good reason!

  10. Speechless over here..........

  11. Everything about this quilt is STUNNING! You have outdone yourself on this beauty. Thankyou for sharing!

  12. Breath taking and Beautiful Kay.

  13. How do you do it? Your quilting choices are alway so spot on, and gorgeous. Your quilting looks so perfect too. Surely a Best Of Show!

  14. Replies
    1. Oh, hope someopne had some smelling salts to bring you round, thanks for visiting....

  15. Kay, very definitely heirloom category. This is a medal winner and I hope the owner enters it in as many shows as possible. Thanks for sharing,

  16. Oh my goodness Kay - that's STUNNING :O)
    What a fabulous quilt :O)

  17. WOW,Out of This World Gorgeous!! You're amazing!

  18. Kay -- you are so very talented - Congratulations!
    Thanks for sharing -- you continue to inspire me...


  19. That is absolute GORGEOUS! Great work, Kay!


  20. Beautiful, high fives and praises for your awesome quilting......and with rulers!

  21. Kay, how beautiful is your work!!! My new Millie just arrived, and I am also an equestrian/quilter of Scottish descent so I wanted to say hello across the sea and tell you I'll look to your gorgeous work for many future inspirations. Well done, and all the best, Beth

  22. you gave this quilt life. Beautiful. I can't stop looking at the pictures.


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