Sunday 24 January 2021

Hello, I'm back in blogland after moving house and my quilting workshop twice within 12 months, along with quilting for customers that was a lot of hard work. I have spaces for a few customer quilts in February but I'll only be doing digitised quilting designs for the time being. That is edge to edge quilting using pantographs that flow over your pieced tops no matter which pattern you have used for your piecing. 

I've just updated my Facebook Business page and my Website with my new contact details, so if you really need me that's where you'll find me.

Just to feed your appetite's here's a random selection of photos from my files.


  1. OMG welldone on surviving moving everything twice.......
    beautiful quilting.....

  2. Thanks for sharing all the eye candy. Beautiful

  3. beautiful quilts, but I like more than pictures, I like words too. Can't you tell us something about the making of and thought processes that you go through too?

  4. Wonderful quilt design. Love this finished very well!!! Anyway, Broadway Fabrics is here with an amazing Quilt Pattern from Notions Supplies. Check the dazzling range on website now!

  5. Wow, to have moved twice you have been busy quilting! Beautiful!

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