Tuesday 30 November 2010

Three Bridges!

Needs no other explanation really!

Monday 29 November 2010

A Quickie!

These very cheap fleece panels can be vastly improved with a little quilting.....it's not precision work but it was fast and fun to get me in the festive spirit!

By the way I know it's not really a quilt as it's only two layers of fleece!
I love Santa Clause in blue and his beautiful Astrakhan trimmed coat was really enhanced with curly Q's!

Sunday 28 November 2010

This is ridiculous!

Poor Juniper......frozen feet and it's only 28th November!!!!

The wonders of Velcro!

I didn't do much today but achieved a lot.....

Last week I got snagged on a pin while turning a quilt, I bled like a stuck pig (believe it or not...it's still sore a week later) so, I've eventually decided to go with velcro for my leaders......I had velcro leaders on my previous frame so I am familiar with it, if I do decide later to go with zippers I can just rip off the velcro and haven't really lost much......

I intended to apply the velcro only to the take-up roller today but I found it so easy that I did the backing roller too........I usually float my quilt tops so there is no real need to do the top roller....if in the future I need to attach a top to the roller I can pin or make a mini leader quite quickly.

Use your clamps to help stabalise the leaders as you work!

I still had some mini leaders from my previous frame, they are only about 6 inches deep but I needed to adjust them....I wanted the velcro on the minis to be the female (soft and fuzzy) kind so that it wouldn't catch on your clothing (and everything else) while stitching on the backing at the DSM.  So today I adjusted the largest set from my Inspira frame which was a 10ft frame (so they are a little short) for my new 12 ft frame but I can make longer ones later...I might as well have made new from scratch as I also took off the turned hem and finished it on the serger.   I have another two sets of shorter mini leaders, I'll get around to sorting those in time too...that's the beauty of the velcro system you can have different sized leaders that you can whip on and rip off to suit the situation...if you are in the middle of a quilt and want to do a little practice for a block you can quickly put on a practice sandwich.

To sew on the mini leaders I just use ordinary sewing thread...what ever is on the DSM at the time and the biggest stitch that my machine will do and then just rip off the leaders when done!

After using the mini leaders for a week or so...I think they would be better at least 12 inches deep then the velcro won't catch on the needle plate or thread cutter (if still in place) when you move the head of the machine within your quilting space....just a thought!

The velcro leaders in action....they have been sewn on to the backing fabric at the DSM.....Never waste a bit of practice space....lol...

So as I said 'I didn't seem to do much today but I've achieved a lot!

This velcro system is a lot cheaper than zippers too!

Saturday 27 November 2010

An English Mans Home is His Castle!

That's what they say!

This is an English castle ... Carlisle Castle ...we parked right beside it today while we went Christmas shopping...don't know if an English man lives there, (I think not as it's a visitor centre) and I presume that there would be more horsepower of the four legged variety when the castle was built more than 900 years ago.....

Saturday 20 November 2010

In the line up today.....

It's that time of year again, when the boys (tups) get together with the girls (ewes)!

Doesn't he like the camera!

You would think that I had set up this photo when in fact I took it on a zoom lens......that's a new tup, handsome isn't he!  
When you sell a tup at the mart, you have to show him off at his best...the 'fashion' at the moment is to dye the wool this golden colour, (sometimes even darker), polish up their horns and faces with baby oil and wash their legs.....the dye in the wool does eventually fade!

His 'ladies' think he's OK! 

Thursday 18 November 2010

Friday 12 November 2010

I love old buildings!

I see some wonderful old architecture on my travels during my working day........

This one is an hotel...obviously.....

This one is a courthouse!

I went to visit a friend......this is right up her alley, literally.....

It's a lovely old cobbled alley!

Wednesday 10 November 2010

Another quilt bound and gagged!

I've had another practice quilt on the frame....I did a simple pantogragh....or so I thought, after a dodgy start I quickly got the hang of it and now it's all bound.....Pellon Legacy 80/20 batting, Metro thread top and bottom....all that Metro thread is coming in really handy for my practice pieces....

Billowy by Lorien Quilting

Monday 8 November 2010

A family thing!

At the weekend we had a family sew-in...well, I had a cutting, pressing, supervisory role while my Granddaughter made up the front panel of a pillow-sham to match her in progress quilt......

With a little help Fieron made a super job of piecing her pillowcase.......

After a little teasing, her Big Brother thought he could have a go.....this sewing lark can't be that difficult...no pins or quarter inch seams for him, a bit caveman style....who knows, may be he'll be the next Ricky Timms.......


Thursday 4 November 2010

Who needs Venice?,

Who needs Venice when we have some of these wonderful Victorian tiled floors here in the UK, this one is in Hawick, Scotland!

Not in my home but a bit personal to me and who knows, maybe a quilt will come from this one too some day!

Remember this one from my Mothers hall in northen England, it's more elaborate, but they are both interesting!