Wednesday 27 June 2012

Chain Reaction!

I recently had the pleasure of quilting a top as a surprise for my customer's Mother!

Peggy was having a big birthday in June (80 years young), and as a suprise her Daughter secretly brought one of Peggy's own quilt tops for me to quilt totally unknown to her Mother.  Peggy didn't even know it was missing!
The pattern is a traditional Double Irish Chain set on point but the fabrics are contemporary, batiks in tans and peaches with greens on a cream background. I used a tan coloured backing fabric (as seen in my previous post).

I used a gold coloured Glide thread in both neeedle and bobbin for the coloured fabrics and cream in the background with Hobbs 80/20 batting.

The quilt finished at 100 x 90 inches!

My Quiltazoid came in handy to stitch the spines for the wreaths and make sure they were centred, but everything else is freemotion hand guided.

I quilted continuous curves in the chains with pumpkin seeds running through and stylised feathered wreaths in the blocks with pebbles in the centres.

The flying geese borders had more continuous curves and swirls in the coloured geese fabrics and feathers in the sky fabrics.

I had a lot of fun with the feathers from the inner border overflowing into the setting triangles....

I hope that Peggy is pleased with our design choices and has many happy years using her quilt!


Storage problems....on blogger...Picasa

I'm wondering if any of my fellow bloggers has had this problem and knows how to fix it?

It seems that I am unable to upload any more photos into my blog without buying additional storage space?

That is even though my account says I have only used 4% of my allocated free storage on my Google account?

I sure don't want to sign up for monthly payments if I don't need to but am struggling to find out how to rectify the problem.....Anyone have any ideas or experience with this problem?

 Any help would be gratefully received.



I realised that I could do a little housekeeping in my Picasa album......don't really need that either as I use Flickr???

I already pay mega bucks for webspace so need to look into this properly as extra space on blogger is now just under $30 per year.....if this had happened before April it would have just been $5.... that's big inflation????

In the meantime

Everyone wants a ££££ from ya!!!

Best Wishes
Kay in Scotland

Sunday 17 June 2012

Here's the back....

I am back to quilting, it's been a hectic time just lately and still is???

I'll soon be able to show you the front of this quilt......meanwhile this is a mirrored reflextion of the quilt while it was still on my frame.....

Monday 4 June 2012

Exciting times.....

I've got Grandma bragging rights!

What an exciting weekend!

It started early with the Chase for Kyle and his Dad  last Thursday night,  Fi had her first 1/2 ride out on Saturday and then to top it all Kyle was Champion with most points scored at the Mosstroopers Gymkhana on Sunday afternoon.  A great achievement as he was up against others who were pony club trained.  Kyle and Layla are mostly home schooled by us now although Kyle and Fi did have some riding lessons in their early years. To qualify to take part both pony and rider must have riden the Mosspaul ride out (26 miles) and gained their Mosstroopers or Mosspaul Ride Out badge. 

We took Fieron's pony Rosie along for the ride and Fi was allowed to join in a few of the games but of course isn't a Mosstrooper so it was just for fun on her part but good experience for her and Rosie.

But the real stars of the day were Kyle and Layla, they both took everything in there stride and did exceptionally well in the 'Handy Pony' class!

Musical mats.....a bit of a disagreement.... I think if Kyle had been a bit less competetive and more of a gentleman he should have conceded there especially when the the assessor was the young ladies Father, poor Abbie!

Six rosettes...... 2 x red 1sts, 3 x blue 2nds, 1 x yellow 3rd and the Cup!

Well done Kyle and Layla, you make a great team!

I am a quilter....???

My name is Kay and I am a Quilter!

I have been a bit pre-ocupied of late with horses....but am still addicted to quilts....go figure?

I had a customer request recently to include a website logo if possible somewhere in this small quilt (30" x 30"), other than that do as you will!

This is the design I came up with, the logo is the 4Seasons tree in the top left block, all other designs come from the fabric with piano keys in the border.

Here it is stitched out...

All the elements in the little printed blocks have been outlined and enhanced...

This is more like the true colours, my customer Margaret was very happy and intends to add black hanging loops and black binding before giving as a gift!

Sunday 3 June 2012

Off to Denholm.....

Saturdays ride went to Denholm, it's a long ride in of 3 hours 15 minutes over to Bonchester then up Ruberslaw and down into Denholm, here are a few photos.....

Photo by Fieron

 After a bit of a blip at the start look who joined in to ride the five or so miles back from Denholm to Hawick......

 Here's a little video to celebrate Fi's big achievement!

Well Done Fieron and Kyle (and Dad)!

Thursday Night Chase.....

During the Thurday Nights Chase the Acting Father orders the 'Curds and Cream' for next weeks festivities at the hut and the Cornet's male followers chase up the Nip Knowes....

First the Acting Father....

Followed by the married men.....

Then the Cornet.....

 Then the single men...

Here's Kyle with his young pals near the end where it's a bit safer....