Monday, 4 June 2012

I am a quilter....???

My name is Kay and I am a Quilter!

I have been a bit pre-ocupied of late with horses....but am still addicted to quilts....go figure?

I had a customer request recently to include a website logo if possible somewhere in this small quilt (30" x 30"), other than that do as you will!

This is the design I came up with, the logo is the 4Seasons tree in the top left block, all other designs come from the fabric with piano keys in the border.

Here it is stitched out...

All the elements in the little printed blocks have been outlined and enhanced...

This is more like the true colours, my customer Margaret was very happy and intends to add black hanging loops and black binding before giving as a gift!


  1. Your quilting is amazing.

  2. I would be very happy with that quilting job too!

  3. Hi Kay! I enjoy both the horses and the quilts. I no longer ride, but looking at the photos and watching the videos take me back to the days when I loved to be out riding, wind in my hair, the power under me ready for action, such a thrill! I have to admit, I am always amazed at your quilting and can only hope to be able to achieve beautiful work, but in the meantime, PPP! Thanks so much for sharing, I really enjoy dropping by for a look-see!

  4. Kay your quilting, as usual, is perfect! What color thread did you use in your design squares. Its love how it shows up in the photo, yet doesn't detract from the quilt at all. Your customer should be thrilled.


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