Thursday 28 February 2019

Tartan Tango

I started this quilt as a quick piecing project over Christmas to give me some 'me time' in my workroom. It's made up from scraps and fat quarters, I cut all of the white background out first but then cut the coloured pieces out five or six blocks at a time.I thought it would be finished and be ready for quilting over the holiday but best laid plans and all that. It did get quilted at the beginning of February though and now it's all bound. It's a big quilt 56 x 12" blocks with a 4" border. You can fuss and fuddle over the colour placement as you go, it'll turn out just fine. Quilted with an off white thread to match the background fabric using Crystal Maze digitised quilting design...
I like a quilt that comes right to the flour like a counterpane, so its a large double or king size, 104" by 92"

A Miscellany of quilts

I've had a selection of quilts from Kevin at Fabric Focus in Edinburgh, it's always a pleasure, I'm sure these will be displayed in the shop already.

This Grandmothers Flower Garden was English Paper Pieced by Margaret, quilted with Feather Flourish'. The pieced backing fabric was kind of centre, it isn't always possible to get a perfect finish even though I usually spend an extra hour of so loading the quilt.....

The Oxnam Quilters group near Jedburgh pieced this quilt for their raffle, tickets will be sold locally and at the biannual show in the summer, it's kind of a Celtic knot, quilted with Crystal Maze.

I'll be back very soon with more updates on quilts....

Saturday 16 February 2019

Eunice does Mrs Billings

Eunice spent eighteen months piecing her Mrs Billings quilt by machine. These really are a labour of love which I would never have the patience to even start never mind finish. It must be a great sense of achievement to see it finished though.
This is the second Mrs Billings that I have quilted, there is so much piecing that quilting design choices are limited and cost prohibitive for my clients too. So simple quilting although every piece is quilted somehow.

Mrs Billings is the pattern name available from Somerset Patchwork

Off white thread and customer supplied wadding, 92" x 92"

As with many of this type of quilt, both piecer and quilter spent time finding solutions to give a good result for the borders, but a pleasing result was accomplished on both sides....

As usual lots of photos....