Monday 30 July 2012

Out to Lunch....

On Sunday we were invited out to lunch for a rather special birthday party, this is Langley Castle in Northumberland, great venue, wonderful food and lots of reminiscing. You can see many more photos and info about the castle here

Tuesday 24 July 2012

Going, Going, Gone!

Aren't Sat Navs great?

If you have my postcode a Sat Nav would bring you right to my door!

Well, unless you are a 'white van man' that is, for some reason it's then OK to say, 'sorry we couldn't find you'???

Annoying at the time but then once I had re-scheduled a pick up from my work in town everything was on track again and my Festival of Quilts entries were on their way!

Now I just have to hope they reach their destination as re-scheduling seems to have cocked up the tracking system.....nothing is ever simple is it?

Sunday 22 July 2012

Continuing education....

Always something to learn but Millie is a very patient and quiet rider, just what's needed for a young horse.

Millie, Kyle and Beauty

Today at their first ever event at a Gymkhana Millie and Beauty brought home a red first for 'handy pony', a yellow third from the pony games and a cup.....well done!

Kyle had a bit of a walk and trot around too!

Thursday 19 July 2012

A recent finish...

Haven't had a lot of time to blog lately....busy, busy, busy!

Not necessarily all quilting but busy just the same.

Here are some photos of one recently quilted quilt, Sudoku in style with fabrics bought by my customer in Canada while on vacation. Happy times pantograph in the main body with a custom border treatment.

  It's now all ready to snuggle under with the binding already attached!

Wednesday 11 July 2012

First Time Out!

Jedburgh's evening 'ride out' to Lanton was a very soggy ocassion.

The ride was well supported for such a wet night, it had rained all day, in fact all week and for a month too so the gound was saturated and the river crossings were cancelled.


A lovely young friend of ours took one of our young horses out for her first ride in real company.

 Millie and Beauty were stars and all went well......

Poor Millie had a really wet ride, thanks a million Millie!
Home at 10.30 with a fish supper....lovely!

Sunday 8 July 2012

Sucking Up!

This is 410 inches of piping with trimings and 410 inches of binding all ready and waiting......

Can't do anything with it until the 'major sucking up' and drying finishes.....from the blocking of the quilt!

But why does this always happen when you've taken the quilt off the frame for the final time and removed your zippers and trimmed the quilt......I couldn't possibly have seen it before then could I?

'Sod's Law' I suppose!

See explanation of that here