Friday 25 January 2013

Post 300 Giveaway .....

In celebration of post number 300 I think we could have a little giveaway. I have a gift voucher for a '6 month membership to The Quilt Show' you can find the home page here .  The gift certificate is to be redeemed by February 18th by a new member.

So, if you would like a chance of winning this fabulous prize I would like you help me choose a name for the friendly Partridge who is still coming to visit me at my kitchen DH has told me that 'chuck chuck' is not a suitable name for such a pretty Partridge......this is a two step process.... read the instructions, I need your name, your email address and a name for the Partridge....

Step one - Leave a comment telling me your chosen name for the Partridge.

Step two – Leave a second comment letting me know you are a follower or a new follower.
You can comment anonymously but you need to leave your name and email so I can contact you. If you use your blogger account please make sure you are not a ‘no-reply blogger’.

The giveaway will close on Sunday February 3rd 2013 at 12 MN GMT, that will be in the early hours of the morning in the US, early evening in OZ.....but it doesn't matter where you live just so long as you have an email address. A name will be chosen and the redemption number for 'The Quilt Show' membership will be sent by email to the lucky winner, so come on let's see how imaginative you can be????

If, for any reason I cannot contact you within 48 hours, the gift certificate number will be emailed to the next lucky winner? 

Monday 21 January 2013

For Ani.....

My very good friend Ani is feeling a little under the weather just now....flu and colds are not much fun....I'm feeling a bit under the weather too....but it's the real weather affecting us today....

Do you know this man...if you see him do not approach radio says the roads are blocked and drifting but I'm tucked up nice and warm here in my Farmhouse unlike my DH who has to venture out no matter what the weather.......I can hear the hum of the tractors and farm bikes making sure all the animals are fed and safe, wish I had my camera two minutes ago to show you the horses galloping about playing in the long as they are fed they love it!

Saturday 19 January 2013

Decadent Diaries....

Every office needs a diary!

Well, any diary will do basically, but you know me?

Decadent Diaries

Decadent Diaries

Sunday 13 January 2013

Before we get started on this year.....Mary's Star in the Garden

I thought you might like to see this quilt from 2012. The quilt belongs to Mary of Patchwork Creations  It's a sample from a class that Mary and Karen taught a while ago and has been waiting to be quilted.

There was lots of open space for the quilting especially in those borders, we were both pleased with the finished result......
Mary's own batting, I used Aurifil Invisifil thread for the SiD and outline around the applique, Glide in cream everywhere except the green star and border strip and the blue inner triangles of the star.....
Quilt measures 84" x 84"...

Marys Feathered Star Applique 10

Marys Feathered Star Applique 8

Marys Feathered Star Applique 7

Marys Feathered Star Applique 5

Marys Feathered Star Appilque 6

Marys Feathered Star Applique 4

Marys Feathered Star Applique 2

Marys Feathered Star Applique 3

It was a super quilt, perfectly flat and square and a pleasure to quilt, thanks for looking now lets crack on with 2013.....

Wednesday 9 January 2013

Chirpy Chappy....

There's been a turn around with this little Partridge, he's a 'chirpy chappy'.....he thinks my kitchen window is a drive through.....he wants breakfast....but he'll still scarper if I make any sudden movements...