Monday 21 January 2013

For Ani.....

My very good friend Ani is feeling a little under the weather just now....flu and colds are not much fun....I'm feeling a bit under the weather too....but it's the real weather affecting us today....

Do you know this man...if you see him do not approach radio says the roads are blocked and drifting but I'm tucked up nice and warm here in my Farmhouse unlike my DH who has to venture out no matter what the weather.......I can hear the hum of the tractors and farm bikes making sure all the animals are fed and safe, wish I had my camera two minutes ago to show you the horses galloping about playing in the long as they are fed they love it!


  1. If I wasn't certain you are in Scotland, I would guess you were in my own back yard here in Canada. Very pretty scene, and the best time for a cuppa and a warm quilt! :-)

  2. hehehehe - oh Kay - it's hard to believe that is the very same day! Thanks for posting :O) It really cheered me up. I have a question though - how come there is no washng hanging on your line ????? hehehe
    We are supposed to get some snow tomorrow after all, I'll let you know if it gets here ..... won't be anything like yours though :O) - Ani

  3. Yeah, that's some collllld-looking weather!

  4. Brrr, way too cold for me! 35*C (95*F) here today -- what a contrast, eh?

  5. Still no snow down here, although a few miles inland they've had it pretty bad. I'm lucky - living on the coast usually raises the temp just enough to make it fall as rain. But - it's turning very chilly outside now, so who knows what the morning may bring ??? xx


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