Thursday, 8 November 2012

The Backing Singers....

Before Festival of Quilts in Birmingham this year, I made up a quick quilt in the 'modern quilt' style, with minimal piecing made up all from left over backing fabrics with the intention of quilting it as a demo quilt on the APQS stand at quilt FoQ. As it happened we had lots of quilts, some are still waiting to be quilted but this one is now finished....I quilted swirls and Egyptian key type blocks as a nod to Angela Walters. Using a navy Metro thread top and bobbin so it matched the top fabric but contrasted against the backing fabric. I gave a little bit of definition to the pieced blocks with some of my favorite straight line quilting.

Backing Singers 4

Backing Singers 3

Backing Singers 2

Backing Singers 1

The 'Backing Singers' is a throw size quilt and would be a great Guy quilt or a throw for  a modern style home.


  1. I love this quilt and love how you quilted it.

  2. The quilting you did on this quilt is beautiful. I am curious as to what kind of machine do you quilt with? I love your style.

    1. Hi Marj, I quilt on an APQS Millennium....thanks for asking and visiting....

  3. Love your take on "modern" quilting - all the rage these days .... LOL.... and I love your quilt too...

  4. Love the combination of swirls with square spirals! That really makes the quilt in my opinion.

  5. Wow - it's very nice, Kay. Love the individual quilting details for the blocks. Very attractive quilt! From left-overs, even?! :)

  6. Kay, that is fantastic!! You've done Angela proud!! What a beautiful job you did on that quilt.

  7. Kay, sunglasses please! Lovely and bright and I love the quilting.


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