Sunday 18 November 2012

Quilted Zig Zags....

Now that the Ladies at the Abbey Quilters have seen it, it's time to gift the quilt to baby Ivan, he's two months old already so it's about time.

I thought you would like to see a few photos first .....
I decided to quilt only the Zigs and not the
I quilted swirls and pebbles in the white background fabric, this pushed the blue fabrics forward and also leaves a lovely design on the back of the quilt.
Piano keys finished of the border, but also in the border I placed a name plate with date of birth..

Ivan's Zigzag

Ivan's Zigzag 2

You can find a little tutorial for cutting and piecing this quilt here


  1. Very cool! I like how you quilted a name plate.

  2. That is one lucky baby! It’s beautiful! How long did it take to quilt this piece?

  3. Lovely Kay! Awesome name plate, gorgeous swirls & pebbles :)

  4. Kay, that is so very pretty! Would you mind if I tried the name plate idea on a baby quilt for my sister?

  5. Beautiful quilt. Thanks for the inspiration, I have a zigzag quilt to quilt shortly.

  6. Kay, this is beautiful. The quilting really makes this one special. I like the choice to quilt the zigs. And the nameplate is so elegant. Really striking.
    Kim / SeeingStars

  7. I love the simplicity of this quilt and the quilting is just gorgeous!

  8. It looks great Kay. Love the name plate too, and by not quilting the blue makes for a much softer baby quilt. Love it.

  9. This is an awesome quilt. Your work is fantastic especially the nameplate.


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