Tuesday 8 November 2011

Nature all around us?

I took this photo in the middle of town this morning, this little guy stakes his claim to this spot on the stream, he is very patient and for his troubles he is often rewarded with breakfast....indeed as I peered over the river wall he bent down and just picked up a small fish which riggled a little and then slid down the herons throat before I could turn on my camera.....

Did you notice the light switch on the far side of the bridge....this heron lives in 'the lap of luxury', he has an electric light under the bridge....look, that's cool, great for the dark nights, he can fish after hours!

Wonder how he turns it on....lol....????


  1. Wow! What amazing scenery in the middle of town.

  2. So it's not just me who hangs about taking photos of the herons in the town ..... there is quite often one on the stretch across from the health centre!


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