Friday, 25 November 2011

Clamshells and Scollops!

Sounds like a seafood dish doesn't it, but no it's time to put an extra quilt on our bed to warm my feet.

I've had this quilt a long while, it's hand quilted although you don't get many of these stitches to the inch?

Scalloped/swagged borders with fleur de lis, clamshells, cable border with an interesting corner treatment and sunbursts, I'm not sure about the orientation of the clamshells, I think I would have done those in a portrait orientaion as it really fits a single bed. The edges are finished with a turned knife edge.

So, I would say this is a wholecloth quilt even though both the front and back have three sections of fabric each.....So, those of you who know about these things, what do you think, is it still considered a wholecloth?


  1. WOW - thats beautiful Kaye :)

  2. What a question!!!I would say no, but then I am no expert, is it considered a whole cloth or a
    Travaille de Marseille?

  3. Technically it's not a wholecloth quilt, as traditionally they are made with a single piece of fabric, but I think it would nit-picking to say it isn't one when it's all the same fabric! The quilting is lovely!!

  4. Definitely a wholecloth! Fabric used to be made in narrower widths than nowadays so they nearly always had to join lengths to get the size for a bed quilt. Wholecloths are usually made with one fabric (plain or patterned) on the front and another on the back, although they can also be pieced as in a Strippy or a Sanderson Star. I would say that this is a simple North Country quilt and with its big bold quilting patterns it could be a 'club' quilt. Pippa may be able to tell you more!


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