Wednesday 3 October 2012

A little bit of 'stitchery'....

I recently quilted a custom job for my customer Charlie. Charlie patiently embroidered all of the blocks in this lovely quilt and pieced them with batiks which gave the quilt a modern feel. I quilted feathers and loops to push back the background as Charlie requested giving the 'stitcheries' centre stage....turned out great, take a look....

Charlie layered up the quilt using 505 spray with 2 layers of batting and an additional circle of batting under the embroideries. A circle of 'zigzag' stitch held everything in place although we were pleased there was not even one pucker after quilting on my longarm.
You can buy many stitchery patterns like these 'life is for loving' embroidery blocks from Anne at 'Stitchin Heaven on the 697'


  1. WOW Kay -- The quilt was beautiful to begin with -- and your quilting sets off the embroidery beautifully !!

    Thanks for sharing -- it's just perfect!

  2. Beautiful quilting Kay. The embroideries look like plates sitting on top and showcases them perfectly.

  3. Both Charlie & yourself have done a magical job!
    Stitcheries can be tricky to quilt but you did a great job.

  4. Your quilting is amazing; I always enjoy seeing your work.

  5. The quilting on that is incredible! The stitchery is great too.

  6. Looking great... I love the 3D circles, they really look like they puff up, and your quilting as always is brilliant. Love the circles quilted around the circle.... and great feathers.

    Happy birthday for tomorrow. xxxxx

  7. A lovely quilt and another great quilting job! Well done to both of you.


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