Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Time on my hands!

Remember this....

I had some time at the weekend...well I couldn't quilt so....

It's now marked.....this is only a practice piece so is only small....and you know me I like to make something from my practice so it's cushion/pillow size....at the time of writing I'm still waiting for the postie to deliver fuses for my longarm so hope the marks stay for a month or so...it may take that long to get to it! These blue pens usually last a couple of months before they start to fade....there again sometimes they last forever!


  1. That looks beautiful Kay - what size is it?

  2. You are so good at these wholecloth designs! Each one is such a piece of art. I just can't stick with it long enough to finish. I couldn't even stick with the class Adam taught. I think I only made it through 2 videos.

  3. Looks beautiful. Glad to see the down time wasn't wasted.

  4. That looks fabulous!

  5. Looks fantastic! Cuchion size I can cope with - how do you get it larger...I hope to do a whole cloth one day - and havnt a clue how to go about it. *It really does look fantastic!


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