Wednesday, 11 July 2012

First Time Out!

Jedburgh's evening 'ride out' to Lanton was a very soggy ocassion.

The ride was well supported for such a wet night, it had rained all day, in fact all week and for a month too so the gound was saturated and the river crossings were cancelled.


A lovely young friend of ours took one of our young horses out for her first ride in real company.

 Millie and Beauty were stars and all went well......

Poor Millie had a really wet ride, thanks a million Millie!
Home at 10.30 with a fish supper....lovely!


  1. Hi Kay, what breed of horses are the two bays in the second picture? Sara In Alabama

  2. Looks like everyone has a wonderful time, despite the weather.

  3. I always say a wet ride is better than no ride! I keep hearing how rainy and wet it's been in your part of the world. Here in Manitoba, Canada the temperature today was 42C or 108F, too hot! Lovely photos, thank you so much for sharing!

    Linda from Manitoba, Canada


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