Sunday, 8 July 2012

Sucking Up!

This is 410 inches of piping with trimings and 410 inches of binding all ready and waiting......

Can't do anything with it until the 'major sucking up' and drying finishes.....from the blocking of the quilt!

But why does this always happen when you've taken the quilt off the frame for the final time and removed your zippers and trimmed the quilt......I couldn't possibly have seen it before then could I?

'Sod's Law' I suppose!

See explanation of that here


  1. god's law as the saying goes...always leave one mistake as only god can make any thing am a longways from perfect...always have several mistakes

  2. That has happened to me a few times. lol. It's amazing what you can do without actually putting the quilt back on the zippers!

  3. You made me chuckle - I thought the link would explain why puckering happens on the quilt backs; instead I got an article on "sod's law"!

    I'm sorry that happened of course, especially since you noticed it after taking it off the frame. What did you do about it?

    Have fun with all that piping and binding!

  4. It is looking good Kay, love the feathers too. You can always use quilting clips to secure it to your poles and put it back on just to finish off that missing cc. I have done that a couple of times as long as the missing quilting is not too close to the edge of the quilt you will be OK.

  5. Hi Lynne, as the missed bit is on the edge it's very easily solved by just using a couple of pins and putting it back on the leader just in that area and quilting that bit....if you ever miss a bit like that just put it back on the frame any which way you can to get the job done just be careful thet the carriage wheels don't leave any black marks on your quilt.....

    Thanks for visiting....

  6. hi Janette, Don't worry it's already done... not a problem, done it many times before, it's just annoying coz I left the zippers on for ages till I properly checked it.....obviously not properly enough.....


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