Saturday, 30 April 2016

Edge to Edge

April is always a busy time here on the farm, sheep are lambing and cows are calving, accounts and form filling have to be done no matter what! Stomachs need to be filled and humans realise that for a little while they can live on very little sleep. Life soon gets back to a 'normal' routine and we all catch up on our own personal schedules.

It was early April when these edge to edge quilts went off to their various homes.

This pink and aqua quilt has maybe a fat quarter of 'Breast Cancer Awareness' fabric on the pink patches, Elizabeth made it as a raffle quilt to raise funds, I quilted it with 'ribbon swirls', I thought that was appropriate.

This lovely quilt below uses a simple block formation to give the illusion of a square in a square, Barbara requested Baptist Fan edge to edge quilting and loved the effect.

Doreen chose gentle green tones for a double bed quilt and chose her favourite edge to edge design again for this one, it's Happy Times, always a popular choice.

The Girls at Law Quilters, pieced this huge '10 minute wonder block' quilt for their retiring Janitor, Jessie's swirls finished this one off beautifully.

As you can see the two quilts below took the option of having me apply the binding to the front of the quilt, my customers then hand stitched the binging to the back of the quilt themselves. If you would like this service please ask me about the half binding option.

This one went home just last week, Diane pieced this huge quilt and chose Crystal Maze, it worked really well, this is a new favourite for my customers

I love to see quilts folded and piled waiting to go home......

Saturday, 9 April 2016

A Future Irish Heirloom..

I don't usually show photos of quilts until they are safely back in the hands of their owners, this one arrived back home this last week. Angela sent me this wonderful quilt top in the post from Dublin, Ireland. As you will no doubt see from the inscription, this top was three years in the making. This quilt is the first of four, for four daughters who were all married within ten months of each other. It has been a labour of love with love in every stitch from a Mother to her Daughter and her new Husband on their wedding day. I am told there will be a few embroidery stitches added before binding, who knows maybe it will be finished for the third wedding anniversary. This will be a true family heirloom I'm sure.

This is Angela's own original design with piecing, Broderie Perse and applique in reproduction and civil war fabrics. I used a Quilters Apothecary straight edge ruler by Jamie Wallen and two curved longarm rulers by my good friend Linda Hrcka of The Quilted Pineapple, Superior Monopoly invisible thread and a selection of coloured threads by Glide and Metro. The size is 84" x 77"ish and I used two layers of wadding (Simply Cotton 100% and Hobbs 80/20), the two layers of wadding helped to ease in a bit fullness.

Thank you Angela for choosing me to add a few of my own touches to your families special quilt, the photos say it all.

Friday, 18 March 2016

Time is flying...

We are in mid March, whatever happened to January and February, seems like I worked my way through those months! Maybe, I was just keeping my head down and not looking at the dreary weather outside.

Been having real troubles with my internet connection since the storms, it's such a stuggle to load a few photos for my blog but bare with and we will get there!

Last week I took a day off and took the train to Edinburgh with my friend Maria to celebrate her Birthday. This is a new railway line just rebuilt and opened in 2015, it's a shame it doesn't come all the way to Hawick or even on to Carlisle, maybe one day? It took around an hour to commute to Edinburgh as opposed to a two hour drive by car. Maria and I walked to and visited The Palace of Holyrood, we did the guided tour then had lunch in their restaurant.

It was dry but grey, we walked back up The Royal Mile and sauntered around The National Museum of Scotland, taking photos as we went, there are lots of staircases and walkways.

From there we walked in the direction of The Castle, we wanted to see the view from the bailey.

We have had a few glorious days, Monday being one of them, Kyle rode up to the hill to meet The Hunt, this was the first time in company for Kyle and Flo.....

My Granddaughter and I had a play day recently and made 'body butter'. Smells glorious, 'sweet orange and patchouli'

Of course a few quilts went home are some with edge to edge quilting....

Lovely bright Kaffe Fassett fabrics....

This lovely Blue and Red Sampler quilt will be the Souter Quilter's (Selkirk) raffle quilt for their quilt show in June.

This Garden Trellis design quilt will be the Law Quilter's raffle quilt for their show later this year.

I'll be back again soon......

Sunday, 28 February 2016

Repro fabrics...

Anna sends me quilts in the post from Lancashire, she often phones to see if they have arrived, once quilted I ship them back using Parcelforce 48, it's amazing that very often the quilts are back in her hands within 24 hours of me shipping them but always within 48 hours. It's not an expensive service especially if you consider other opions, like driving to my home, bus or train journeys, they all have a cost.

These two quilts went home to Anna this past week. I love the simplicity of the hearts quilt, I quilted different feather variations in each heart with a khaki coloured thread in the hearts and cream thread in the background, all free hand hand guide by me!

 I think that this quilt is to be a gift, more repro fabrics, I used continuous curves, feathers and a little ruler work using my good friend Linda and Jamie's longarm rulers.

In the borders I quilted feather swags and beadboard. I can't wait to see what Anna sends me next.