Friday, 18 August 2017

Quilting Mecca, FoQ 2017

As has become a tradition, I was lucky again to have my very good friend Linzi come and share a roast dinner the night before our annual trip down to Festival of Quilts, in  Birmingham, UK. We booked for six nights, drove down and unpacked the van on Tuesday ready for setup on Wednesday. Many hands make light work, The APQS stand was all ready by lunchtime on Wednesday, so I had a leisurely afternoon before the show opened for the normal four days on Thursday.  There were over 800 quilts in the competition and many more in exhibitions and on stands. We met many old friends and made quite a few new ones too....



All ready for the show opening

All ready for the show opening

The APQS crew with a Millennium Longarm sporting our Quilt Path sysem

I was pleased to find that my small quilt Face Off had been given a 'Judges Choice' prize from Tatiana Samsonova.

 I was inspired by the beautiful face plates on vintage Singer sewing machines.  The three panels loosely replicate the designs and metals from three different models. The panels are permanently attached to a quilted backdrop. The panels and the backdrop have beaded piping to add detail and dimension to the finished piece. Drawn, Longarm Quilted by Kay Bell ~ Borderline Quilter

Linzi's beautiful quilt Beelzebub won a 1st prize in the Contemporary class

The winning quilts have all been shown elsewhere so here are a few quilts that caught my eye

Fantastic miniatures by Kumiko Fridl

This miniature quilt looked so much like fine china by Kumiko Fridl

A chance to get a selfie with Victoria Findlay Wolfe

We had fun with chairs, but you had to be there.....

 We ate way too much at the many different restaurants we have accumulated over the years and enjoyed a few Gin and tonics but before long the show was over and we were driving home very tired but happy and after another night in The Borders Linzi was on her way....

Sunday, 30 July 2017

A Family Trio of Quilts

How sweet is this, three quilts made by family members, a Mum, her Daughter and her Sister have all made quilts using the same blocks.
The quilts were made as group quilts where each member (12) made up twelve identical blocks which were then all sent to a coordinator who collected up all of the 144 blocks and divided them up into packages of twelve individual blocks which were then dispersed among the group members who then added sashings, cornerstones and borders.

As you can see the group is called Sew Slow Sisters and the quilt blocks were originally made in 2006. Its interesting to see how the fabrics and colours chosen by family members end up looking so very different.

The first quilt here is Aunty Shirley's made in cool blue fabrics with white, the cornerstones are a rail fence design which add a lovely ovement to the quilt top. Quilted with a design called 'Green Tea Leaves' using a white thread.

Katheryn's quilt blocks have a pink and girly theme, the bold purples sashings, ( no cornerstones), and maroon backing tone down the colours while the white borders of the blocks add a fantastic contrast. Quilted with 'Happy Times' using a shocking pink thread.

Janice's quilt is in red and white fabrics, the blocks are edges with red too and the cornerstones have a fun bow tie design. Quilted with 'Daisies' in a cream thread.

What a difference fabric and colour can make......and at last they are all now quilted too.

Sunday, 2 July 2017

A couple of Custom Quilts

Here are a couple of beauties that recently went home....

Another fantastic quilt from Sue in France, it's a design named Cloverdale by Di Ford an Australian designer. I used cream and khaki threads to match the Andover fabrics and Simply Cotton 100% cotton wadding.

This is Kay's fantastic Mexican Star type quilt, I love the way the custom quilting created movement within the stars or flowers. Pieced using just three fabrics and quilted with matching threads, the wadding is 100% Simply Cotton.

The photographs speak for themselves....

I'm such a lucky longarmer to be able to quilt such beautiful quilts......