Sunday, 8 May 2016

Mrs Billings...

 Sue brought me this lovely 'Mrs Billings' quilt, all hand pieced with a running stitch using beautiful bright oriental fabrics. It took around 18 months of stitching time, the hexagons are appliqued onto the background, the border design is very clever. The pattern can be found on the Quilters Guild of the British Isles website in the UK or at Somerset Patchwork in Australia.

I did what I call minimal quilting but it was still quite intense with all of those pieces, I used only two threads, Sue provided the wadding which I think was Hobbs 80/20, it's a heavy quilt with all of those seams...

The original Mrs Billings quilt is in the hands of /the Quilters Guild of the British Isles....

I'm going to let the photos speak fr themselves...

What a lot of pieces, beautiful isn't it?

Saturday, 30 April 2016

Edge to Edge

April is always a busy time here on the farm, sheep are lambing and cows are calving, accounts and form filling have to be done no matter what! Stomachs need to be filled and humans realise that for a little while they can live on very little sleep. Life soon gets back to a 'normal' routine and we all catch up on our own personal schedules.

It was early April when these edge to edge quilts went off to their various homes.

This pink and aqua quilt has maybe a fat quarter of 'Breast Cancer Awareness' fabric on the pink patches, Elizabeth made it as a raffle quilt to raise funds, I quilted it with 'ribbon swirls', I thought that was appropriate.

This lovely quilt below uses a simple block formation to give the illusion of a square in a square, Barbara requested Baptist Fan edge to edge quilting and loved the effect.

Doreen chose gentle green tones for a double bed quilt and chose her favourite edge to edge design again for this one, it's Happy Times, always a popular choice.

The Girls at Law Quilters, pieced this huge '10 minute wonder block' quilt for their retiring Janitor, Jessie's swirls finished this one off beautifully.

As you can see the two quilts below took the option of having me apply the binding to the front of the quilt, my customers then hand stitched the binging to the back of the quilt themselves. If you would like this service please ask me about the half binding option.

This one went home just last week, Diane pieced this huge quilt and chose Crystal Maze, it worked really well, this is a new favourite for my customers

I love to see quilts folded and piled waiting to go home......