Sunday, 11 September 2011

At last....

Well, at last I've been to see the 'Quilted Yurt'....errected!

On Saturday I made the effort to travel up to Perth for the QGBI Regional Day to see the constucted yurt, this is the British Yurt as all of the American panels have been returned to the US, I have seen all of the US panels on a previous visit to Linzi's workshop when unfortunately the yurt was dismantled.
The panel that I quilted is the courthouse steps, below the navy blue roof panel in the photo below.

Linzi gave a long and humerous talk about the inspiration, developement and plans for the yurt and her future projects.

At lunch time there was lots of interest in all the quilted panels....I have to say most of these panels (well, except the one quilted by Janette of J-Quilts and the one that I quilted on my previous Mega Quilter machine) were quilted by Linzi....on her freemotion hand guided longarm....non of us have computers on our longarms!

In the afternoon we were entertained with a display of quilts from the collection of Jan are a couple of my favorites...

Jan had some wonderful quilts in her collection, some with amazing history, but this 'triple wedding ring' was my favorite...isn't it wonderful?

When I saw some of Jan's own colourful quilts I wished that I had signed up for the all day Sunday class....

All in all an entertaining day!


  1. Hi Kay,

    Sounds like you have been having lots of fun this weekend. Glad you got to see Linzis British Yurt!!! I hope our panels looked great too.... Linzis new panels look great love the colours.


  2. Hi Kay
    That looked like a fun event. Thanks for posting those photos, it was great seeing Linzi's new panels.
    Hope you are keeping well and quilting a storm

    Kath x

  3. Oh, my goodness, I LOVE Jan's colorful quilts! They're brilliant!

    PS, I have trouble commenting on your posts, for some reason... not sure why.

  4. Oh wow! Oh my! Oh gee! That last photo of the colourful quilts - amazing!

  5. I love the yurt! I'm trying to think of why I should make one for my basement.....


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