Monday, 19 September 2011

Liberty Hunter's Star......

This quilt is made from Tana Lawn cotton fabric by Liberty of London, this is a very fine soft cotton with a high thread count. The pattern is a scrappy Hunter's Star using samples of lots of different fabrics from this very famous range.
It's amazing the difference a border fabric can make, there was really only one choice but I wanted to see which fabrics jumped out against these colour options.
I would have liked a real red but the blue fabric is the Tana Lawn, so we now have a blue quilt, that's what happens, see how the border fabric dominates and makes this a blue quilt.

I chose a white on white backing fabric and used Superior Bottom Line in white for the needle and bobbin. This is a fine thread, the white has a translucent quality which seems to mix with all colours and doesn't shout out against any of them, so the thread blended into the top of the quilt really well, I also changed down from an 18 to a size 16 needle. This quilt finished at 95" x 95", I used Quilters Dream wool batting/wadding as I love wool, but also because wool has a lovely soft drape to it, I was looking to keep the soft quality of the Tana Lawn cotton fabric.

Now quilting wise, I had many options, lots of custom designs came to mind, but in the end I chose a pantograph, 'Wildflower' by Willow Leaf Studio, it's an open design which keeps that soft flowing feel, and although it's a wool quilt it's going to be perfect for summer or an extra quilt for the bottom of the bed in winter.


  1. Absolutely beautiful. Good job showing how we make the quilt with the border...what we usemakes all the difference.

  2. This is a fabulous quilt and it illustrates the point I am always trying to make that the fabric is usually in charge and lets you know how the quilt is meant to turn out. Take care.

  3. Kay this is so beautiful !!! I adore the fabric too.

  4. Kay this is a beautiful quilt, you've inspired me to make a scrappy Hunter's Star now............. very nice indeed.

  5. Very nice, and the white backing sets it off! Fantastic!

  6. I've been considering making a scrappy one of these for awhile now. I did a 3 color Hunter Star and love it but I'm thinking this scrappy version is especially beautiful.

  7. When I looked at the picture where you were trying out the borders, my eye went directly to the blue too. Of course, my 'fabric shoppe' (read: stash) is about 1/3 blues LOL.
    This one looks perfect for snuggling under. One of these days, I'm going to actually finish a quilt for myself....


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