Sunday, 22 January 2012

Hand Warmers!

I have been having a play with Peggy Martins' 'Quick Strip Paper Piecing' technique, it's a fun way to make pieced blocks and keep the points 'pointy' but it is fabric hungery!

So, it's about time to put the Christmas 'handwarmers' away and try out the new ones.....

On a cold day you can come in and warm your hands on the very hot hobs.  The 'hob covers' also protect the stainless steel covers from getting scratched when you warm your plates....You all know I love my Aga and like to keep it nice and shiney....

It was a fun little project and I think I'll be trying out this technique again in the future when I need to be precise!


  1. Kay I'm green with envy! I've always wanted an AGA in my kitchen, and seeing how your AGA sitting beautiful, like a designer piece, it really brings back fond memories of my childhood! I love the hand warmers too, what a wonderful idea.

  2. Hobs? Enlighten an American as to what these are.

  3. Kay, Love the handwarmers and especially love the Aga,, ooh, I would love one, but guess in this hot climate it would be a waste!!

  4. My Aga is a big enamelled stove in my kitchen, they are Iconic, made in Sweden since the 1920's and are still basically the same design today. It's like a huge storage heater, fed by oil, it's on all the time and keeps the kitchen toasty warm. When not in use for cooking you keep the stainless steel hob/hotplate covers down to preseve the heat for the ovens, but when you want to cook you lift the stainless steel cover and put the pan on the hob/hotplate, you know what I mean. I also have an electric stove for the summer but I'd rather cook with my Aga!

    Best Wishes
    Kay in Scotland

  5. that is too cool and the fabrics in your covers are beautiful-something nice and bright for the wintertime.

  6. Thanks for explaining the US we don't have these, so I was really unsure. I see you are on the APQS

  7. Kay I love your Quilted hand warmers for your Aga. You should maybe start marketing them.
    Great idea.


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