Tuesday 3 January 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all of my family, friends and customers!

Are you like me, I get ready to be back in a regular routine?

I'm feeling rather sluggish after too many family dinners and Christmas chocolates but I think a good time was had by all.
We had a visit to Edinburgh, had a ride on the big Ferris Wheel over Princes Street and the Grandkids went ice skating in the Princes Street Gardens......

Photo taken by Brendan Macneill www.macneill.co.uk

My nine year old Granddaughter received her first electric sewing machine from Santa, her first project is this Ten minute wonder cushion in Christmas fabrics, so she will always remember the first project on her new machine. I'll get it quilted before next Christmas, I'm sure!

We fussy cut the centre insert.....

Hopefully, normal service will resume shortly????


  1. What a wonderful gift! And yep, I'm so ready to get back to 'normal,' whatever that may be.

  2. Happy New Year to you Kay. Wishing you all the best for 2012.
    I've been able to sew all the way through the holidays and am pleased to say I've almost finished a big quilt that has been an UFO for quite a while. Also working on a mystery quilt that has 1000s of pieces in it.
    Looking forward to seeing what you get up to this year! :)

  3. PS Congratulations to your little grandaughter on making her first piece - I wish I'd had a sewing machine like that when I was 9.

  4. Happy New Year to you, too! I am still on 'holiday' but have my featherweight with me, so I am piecing. My little granddaughter sits on my lap to help me stitch, so I am hoping that she will be piecing with me, too, as she gets older. She is only three now. Her mommy just started making tops, so she keeps me busy! Cheers!

  5. Granddaughter did a great job for her first project!

  6. What a great Christmas present.... I am sure she will love working on it with you....


  7. Santa is so good....can't wait for my Granddaughter to be old enough to start sewing/quilting with me. She is only 9 1/2 months, but aren't they a joy?!


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