Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Thursday Night Chase....

Horses can make you laugh and make you cry all in about five minutes.....

Bess was so well behaved at the Thursday Night chase last week we trusted her perfectly with Kyle and he handled her in his usual quiet and gentle way......

Kyle & Bess Thursday Night Chase

Chase 2013 Kyle and Bess

Then the next day we had a bit of a trauma.....Bess was at it again...self harming.....managed to get her leg wrapped around the feeder.....because she is the lovely natured horse that she is after an initial consultation and treatment with the Vet she is very lucky to be on the mend. Although not a pleasant job we can dress her wounds ourselves...shame she turns into a wild beast when she sees a hypodermic needle though?????

It's a big shame that Kyle has lost his riding partner at this stage in the Common Riding but she was on loan from time to move on a stage.....


  1. Oh, what a bummer! She is pretty - is she a shire horse? Did her feathers have to get shaved, or is the injury high enough to not do that?

  2. She is so beautiful. I am sorry.

  3. Poor Bess!! We have one like that; he's always hurting himself!! It looks like such a fun day; I so want to come ride one of those big ponies. Sure would be different from my "tiny" Arabs!!

  4. Oh my, poor Bess is right! She and Kyle look so good together. Hope she mends quickly. I turn into a wild beast at the sight of a hypodermic needle myself! Lol!


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