Monday, 15 July 2013

Sometimes you just can't live with it but nowadays we certainly can't live without it???

I know I have not been blogging as much as usual, just because my broadband connection keeps dropping off....mid sentence and takes forever to come back again. It's one of the joys of living in the countryside....not a big enough population to make it worthwhile to replace our copper telephone wires? After complaining and changing settings for the past four or five weeks I am now waiting for a new router to be delivered and am assured it will be here any day now....even saving and uploading this blog post is a nightmare, it's taken four or five sessions!

I have been busy though doing a little painting and decorating.  We have had so much rain in this area of The Borders in the past two years that my house is starting to turn green....with algae. Apparently the moisture and all of the clean air we have around here are ideal conditions for algae growth, everything is covered in this green gunk. We are having a proper heatwave, it's been between 24C - 30C all week...perfect for a bit of painting in the evening....

So after a bit of remedial work ....well, it's a start, the rest of the house is three stories high so there is no way I'll be climbing ladders or scaffolding that high, my balance ain't that good nowadays. Who ever in the past decided that it was a good idea to paint this house white obviously didn't think it through properly, this is the fourth time in twenty years we have had to do it, it isn't a pleasant thought. Last time we paid a professional to do this it cost an absolute fortune so we intend to do it ourselves again, a little at a time and we will get there if the weather holds out but it may not all be this year.
Anyhow, the sheep have to be clipped first so the job is already on hold.......

Oh.... you're not interested in that kind of painting and decorating???

Well, I have also been painting and decorating a quilt.... been working on this one since January off and on, here is a little teaser..

I also just finished adding this label to another quilt that I started piecing over ten years ago....

Do you remember this quilt?

It's 'The Colarado Quilt', Lynette has written a wonderful blog post showcasing both of her Dragonfly Party quilts quilted by myself and Judi Madsen AKA 'The Green Fairy'.....pop on over to Lynette's blog to read it....

Sunday Morning

Kyle and Tessa

Fieron and Layla

Graham and Beauty

It was a lovely Sunday morning but man, those clegs were vicious today.....poor horses!

For those of you who often ask how Bess is recuperating.....she is getting along fine although it's a slow process. She still needs her dressings changed every three or four days and it will be a while till we know if she will be sound but she walks, trots and rests on her damaged leg and has hardly a limp so that's a good sign. We will probably give her the rest of the year off and try her again in the spring.

Tessa and Bess

Tessa has been a Brood Mare and lived up on the hill for 4 or 5 years but is proving to be a perfect ride for Kyle while his young horse Beauty learns a few manners with his Dad....

What do you do with your off cuts of cotton batting....if you have a stable or livery yard near by why not offer them some precut and rolled padding for horse dressings.....

Who would have thought of that.....
What other uses do you have for your off cuts of batting???


  1. Sounds like its a super busy life in Scotland! I love the look of the quilt your painting and can't wait to see the whole thing. It's beautiful!!

  2. Glad that Bess is making progress. Good luck with the house painting ..... there is a house near us which is pink, a lurid Germolene pink ........
    I give my offcuts of wadding to a friend, who is a crafter as well as a quilter, so she uses them in all sorts of things.

  3. I use my offcuts for mug rugs or potholders or other things they are more or less little.


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