Monday 29 July 2013

Connections and Networking....

Continuing on my theme of exasperatingly slow and dropping broadband seems it was better than nothing.

Last Tuesday night we had really wild Thunder and Lightening storms. I've never been scared by thunder and lightening but that may now have changed.....

As I walked down through the house to turn off the satellite TV system, I was caught by a lightening bolt coming in through the skylight above the front door, there was a bright exploding flash right in front of my face and the sense of a light bulb exploding although it hadn't and I was thrown to the floor.....a little confused and stunned but not burnt or knocked out....I was lucky!

Of course the telephone line and modem/broadband connection took the strike along with a few other telephone lines in the area. It's been quiet around here as we have no mobile/cell signal in this valley. Again luckily I was already waiting for delivery of the new router which did eventually come on Thursday but couldn't be fitted until the telephone line was repaired. Initially my broadband connection came in through the farm office first.  By the time I realised that the modem in my farm office PC had also taken a hit the 'Lady' in Mumbai was getting a little short tempered with my fumbling around with various wires so much so that she actually put the phone down on me.....I am not usually ham fisted. When I pushed the switch on the surge protector under my office desk it exploded and blew a fuse in the main circuit board, that was nearly the last straw....but I did get my laptop and tablet connected to Wi-Fi.

So, with my batteries charged (pun intended), it's back to normal again, still with a slow and dropping broadband connection.....

Before the weather broke we managed to get another elevation of the outside of the house painted. Well, my DS did, two days to erect the scaffolding and paint this wall, that's a high gable end, but what an improvement, didn't he do well?

My DH painted the back elevation and I did the gloss on the windows and tidied up their surrounds..... then the rains came and stopped the progress but that's OK....

Fieron had a ride out in the open on Layla, her new to her this year pony, well, they are are all new to them this year really......Beauty was only broken to ride last year and Tessa is being gently brought back into work by Kyle.

Friday was Langholm Common Riding Kyle and Graham took Tessa and Beauty.  Tessa has been a brood mare for the past five years but took everything in her stride and was a perfect ride for Kyle. Graham seemed to have Beauty under control, she is getting used to the excitement of the crowds cheering and shouting. Tessa and Beauty make a very nice matched pair but are not at all related.

One of my friends said she didn't really know what a Scottish thistle looked like? Well, here is a giant thistle grown, tended, nurtured and picked out especially for the day.....

The Clematis are next post will definitely be quilt related....


  1. Glad to hear your ok, after such a scary experience in that storm!! Your house looks gorgeous with its freshened paint job, especially against those rolling green fields.

  2. Love the pictures. Been to Scotland twice and the scenery always amazes me. Beautiful!!!!

  3. Oh, my, Kay, you have had some excitement, haven't you! Glad you were not harmed.

    Your home looks so much like the home my husband lived in, in Douglas, Lanarkshire. Great memories.

  4. Your house looks so inviting. A beautiful place to retreat. I imagine it full of antiques, quilts, and charm

  5. Oh dear - poor you! Fabulous photos of the Langholm Common Riding.

  6. I'm so glad you weren't hurt ... Scary experience for sure.

    Thanks for the Scottish thistle photo ... Much more attractive than i thought a thistle would look like ... I was thinking of the sharp thistles you stand on in the grass ... Lol

    Hope you get your broadband back up to scratch too ...

  7. Beautiful home and flowers Kay. Love what you're doing with the Inktense pencils. I do have a question. I work in Prisma Color pencils and use Jacquard colorless extender as a sealer. Will you be sealing your work with a fabric medium after you're done? The Aloe Vera is not a waterproof sealer and even if you don't intend to wash it, it could still rub off on your white areas.

  8. My goodness! You certainly have been having a time of it, haven't you?


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