Friday 2 August 2013

Surface embellishment....Flower of Scotland

I know I haven't shown the full quilt just yet but I've had a few requests for information about my fabric painting technique on my latest quilt.......rather than writing it all down I thought a little video would explain better....I took this a couple of weeks ago before my recent problems with Lightening and telephone lines....

The Music in the background is David Jaggs, you can find his website here....that man can sure make a guitar sing....with his kind permission....

Wholecloth Quilt Painting part 1

Wholecloth Quilt Painting part 2

Here are a few photos from Lauder Common Riding Thursday Evening Ride


  1. Kay thanks for two great videos. As well as inspirational they were very relaxing to watch. I have the complete set of inktense pencils but not felt confident to use them yet. Thanks for the tip on Aloe Vera Gel as I thought I needed to use a setting medium on the pencils.
    May I ask you if your cotton sateen was bought in the UK. I have been looking to buy some for ages, but cannot find any extra wide in the UK
    Hope you are keeping well
    Best Wishes

  2. I really enjoyed watching how you have done this Kay...thank you so much for sharing. Where did you get the alovera gel?

  3. Beautiful! I tried the derwent pencils before, but used water and a liquid medium which resulted in bleeding beyond my quilted area, so I never used them on a real quilt. But I never used aloe, I will definitely give this a try, because I love the intensity and shading possibilities with these pencils. thanks for the tute! sue

  4. Thank you so much for sharing the technique and the music was great too. I was wondering, if one accidently leaned on the coloured section while it was wet would it transfer onto another area of the quilt?

  5. I join the other viewers of your blog in thanking you for your recent video of fabric painting with inktense pencils. I too have not used aloe vera gel with inktense pencils on fabric and was fascinated watching you apply it with confidence that it would not let the colour run. Also very brave to colour in a quilt that looks so stupendously 'finished' when not coloured. I would appreciate it if you could let me know where you source your Aloe Vera Gel as I would very much like to try this technique on a finished piece.

    Thanks for the inspiration.


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