Sunday 18 August 2013

The World Quilt Show 2013 or What came next?

It's been an eventful week.....

Monday...Driven home by the ever eventful Linzi....some week that was....quilts and quilting arrived home safe and sound regardless of the fact that some of our packaging had gone a stray....Thanks for a great trip Linzi.....

Tuesday.....I took the plunge and entered 'Inner Circle - Flower of Scotland' for MQX in Portland, Oregon, just need to wait and see if she gets through the jury process......

Wednesday....Tested the water to see if I could find a roomy in Portland and found Sharon from Arizona who has already booked a room for the show....sounds like we would get along famously....I've been planning this all year but looks like I'm seriously going now....

Thursday..... had news that my wholecloth quilt 'Flourish' has been honoured with a 'Best Machine Workmanship' in the Traditional category at The World Quilt Show in Manchester, New Hampshire, exciting is that....WOOHOO....The show was very well represented by British entries which gained 3 winners awards and 3 honourable mentions.

You can read my original blog post here, Flourish

Click here for the World Quilt Show 2013 Results page

I sent out a plea for someone to take a photo with a camera, you know, as in high resolution not on a cell/mobile phone and guess what, JL (you all know JL right, Janet Lee co-owner of Machine Quilting Exposition as in MQX Quilt Shows). Well JL organised for her quilt show photographer Jeffery Lomica to take some photos for me at the World Quilt Show. Jeffrey took some high resolution photos for me to keep. Wow,  these are sweet people, I wonder, is this what happens when you become an international award winning quilter?

Seriously....Thank you Janet Lee and Jeffrey....

The two photos below take you to my Flickr page where you can get a closer look at the quilting....


Flourish....the back

The back....

That's what came next.....


  1. Oh wow Kay - SUCH an exciting week :O) Well done and well deserved. Very nice things happen to Very Nice people :O)
    - Ani

  2. Kay congratulations on a well deserved award! The quilt is fabulous...! Well Done...

  3. Congratulations! How exciting for you...what a great week!

  4. Congratulations-well done and well deserved!
    What a fabulous week! Bet you have a permanent smile on your face .

  5. Congratulations Kay.....your quilts is absolutely stunning.......and I love the colour....Cathy

  6. This is so beautiful, a well deserved ribbon.
    Joann in Annapolis, MD

  7. OMG, Kay, did you SUPER! Yay, BRILLIANT! The photos are gorgeous and really show off your precision quilting. So beautiful, brings tears to my eyes. So proud of you! ((((Hugs))))

  8. Wow!!! Your work is truly awe inspiring Kay!!! A well deserved ribbon.

  9. Very well done, Kay and what super pictures of Flourish!
    I wish I was coming to Portland with you to have some fun but I am sure that our American friends will make sure that you have a great time :)

  10. Fabulous news, enjoy your trip!

  11. Woohoo, stunning quilt reaping justified rewards.

  12. Congratulations. I've said it before and I'll say it again, a well-deserved accolade! (And now I know what came next! LOL)

  13. Incredible, and inspiring! Thank you for sharing.

  14. What a beautiful quilt!! You are a wonderful longarmer, and I aspire to quilt like you some day...Practice practice practice.

  15. just saw a bit of this quilt on pinterest and so glad it was linked correctly !!! my goodness what awesome quilting - congratulations on the win !


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