Thursday 15 August 2013

Festival of Quilts 2013

What a great time we had....of course it was a working trip but we all get a long so well and laugh so much that we hurt sometimes.

Once the stand was ready and the show was under way we were all more relaxed. We had many International visitors to the APQS stand...Linzi, Ani, and I along with Lilly LaPink (our sidekick who is such a great help on the sales table and tea trolley that we just couldn't manage without her), and Ellen helped out too. We were kept very busy demonstrating the machines. We did a bit of 'Swanning off' every now and then to see who was milling around through in the main quilt show area. As usual we searched out the best food  available in the area and had a 'Brummy Curry', visited the 'Middle of England' pub and had a Carvery on two evenings.  Believe me we would never go hungry along with full english breakfasts at our hotel I have to say at times we were a little stuffed....

Lilly LaPink

Our Quilt show entries were very well received, Linzi won 2 x 1st prizes and a Judges choice

My Inner Circle - Flower of Scotland won a Highly Commended, I think may be two HC's are awarded per category rather like an Honourable Mention.....

My little shelf is starting to groan with the weight of all the silverware and rosettes etc. It's time to box up the perpetual cup from the Scottish Quilt Championships 2012....I'm afraid it needs to go back to Grosvenor Shows so that they can have it engraved with my name before it goes off to the next lucky recipient in September. It's been a fun year.....I wonder what comes next?


  1. Oh, I had no idea the thistle was so big! With you standing by it, one can really see the true quilt. It is marvelous!

  2. WOW it looks great!! Beautiful

  3. Kay, as always - you did such a fabulous job with that quilt. I love the design, love the quilting, love the paintwork, love the text ...... get the idea that I might like that quilt ????? hehe
    Its SO obvious that you put your heart into it - well done :O)
    - Ani

  4. Congratulations. What a great haul of rosettes you have there and well deserved too! So, I'll bite -- what next?


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