Sunday 12 September 2010


It's suprprising what you can get done when you have an incentive.....
I pushed myself to organise workmen to put up a new ceiling in one of my spare rooms, it had been needed for a few years now! Of course all the furniture had to be removed, that meant a good sort out of drawers and cupboards...lots of stuff for the charity shops. I also arranged for the carpet fitters to measure for a new carpet.
I  put down dust sheets to protect my carpets and while the workment were doing the ceiling I went ahead and gave the upstais bathroom, shower room and WC a thorough deep cleaning...decided that while there were dust sheets everywhere I would enlist help to clear out all the clutter from my loft / third floor area, why do we collect so much's so easy when you have a loft to just shove it up there!
I went ahead and decorated the bedroom once the ceiling was dry carpet is now fitted and furniture back in place.
A new carpet in one room can make your other carpets seem a little stuffy so I decided to give my bathroom, kitchen and hall carpets a good clean too.
My next brain wave was to  move my sewing room upstairs into the bedroom where I keep my quilting frame, of course that meant moving the bedroom downstairs....I felt a little sad as it had been a lovely bedroom, everyone who stayed in it always commented how cosy and different it was....
Well what can I say?  All of my sewing room was heaped up in the hall and on the landing for all to much stuff....stuck betwixed and between while I sorted out the new downstairs bedroom....I have to say I am pleased with the bedroom now it is done....

It took a huge effort to move my cutting table and sewing table upstairs but my new sewing room  is a wonderful workspace with everything in one place....I am sure one day I will be able to find

When I was on a roll I turfed out a few drawers and cupboards around the house and cleared out some clutter, now I have quite a stack of crockery, books, clothes and some pieces of furniture for a car boot sale / stop and swap. I also made a half hearted attemp to clear out my farm office but there is only so much you can dispense with from there.

This was my sewing room last Thursday....

But today it looks a bit bare.....

 Hmmmmm....."There's a big space...wonder what I could put there"???


  1. Such a beautiful space! Congratulations on your new arrival and the beautiful Studio. You are the envy of many, I am sure.

  2. Really heroic job & it looks great!! Creativity abounds!! <3

  3. I would kill for space like this, kill. Did I say kill?
    It just shows how jealous I am.

  4. No Sally, don't do it it's not worth'well, maybe it is'....

    Best Wishes


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