Tuesday 21 December 2010

It's spinning!

There's a strange landing pad on the river and it's spinning!

It's at a river convergence, (Slitrig and Teviot), the moving water is making the ice spin, I saw it a 8am and it was still there at 4pm....how cool is that....actually it's way cool....lol....

Update 22/12/2010

Today, it's stopped spinning and is now anchored to the ice on the river bank!


  1. We get those too, on the Missouri River, only much smaller. That is awesome!!!

  2. Those photos are amazing - it feels cold just to look at tham :)

  3. Wow, what a fantastic thing to witness.

  4. Huh - I was looking the other way up the Teviot (towards the High School) at the frozen river this morning!

  5. It's cool enough that my husband got out of his chair to come over and see it!

  6. How is that created? That is so strange! Did i ask you yet if you've been to Douglas in Lanarkshire? My husband lived there for four months... If you get to the Douglas Arms, you'll have to tell the proprietor hello!


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