Saturday 27 August 2011

You'll just have to believe me?

It's now too big for my small design wall and my empty floor space so you'll just have to believe me that I finished piecing the whole of my 'jewel box' quilt.....

I know I could have done the pieced border quicker with strip piecing but you know I am pleased with how the border came together and 'seams' more accurate pieced in the more traditional way.

I also love how Karen colour co-ordinated her latest book to match my


  1. How very thoughtful of Karen!! LOL

    The quilt is looking great.

  2. Thats beautiful Kay - I can imagine some wonderful quilting there :)

  3. Oh---my! Another Beauty! Love, love the colors! I can hardly wait to see how you quilt this.

  4. It looks great Kay. It will look even better when you add your fantabulous quilting !!!

  5. It looks wonderful Kay! It was quite nice of Karen to do that color-coordinating LOL :D

  6. And look at all that space for your quilting! I'm on pins and needles waiting to see the finished product.


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