Monday 19 March 2012

Did you Quilt?

So, did you manage to find time to do any piecing or quilting for 'International Quilting Day' over the weekend?
I just love the back of quilts, this view won't be seen when these quilted pieces are finished, this is the view from down under....

Now you'll have to wait a while to see the fronts!


  1. The design and quilting is beautiful.......

  2. Well that view sure did take my breath away!

  3. Kay - these are beautiful !

    I cheated and did some quick piecing and some minimal quilting on it... See my post on Sunday -- very minimal ; )

    I dream to quilt on my DSM like you do on your LAM ! Love to see your quilts !


  4. Can't wait to see the top as the back is gorgeous.

  5. Le fui infiel y que algunos de empalme rápido y un acolchado mínimo en el que ... Ver mi post el domingo - muy mínimo;)

    Yo sueño con edredón en mi DSM como lo hace en el LAM! Amor para ver sus edredones

  6. Cheating is good, I think we all cheat in quilting sometimes???

    I know this is a link to a website selling sunglasses but, I also think the post is from a quilter....

    Thanks for visiting!


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