Friday 7 December 2012

Kimonos and Sashiko Stitcheries

This is Charlie's Kimono and Sashiko quilt....started very early in her quilting career, it must be fantastic to have it quilted at last after around ten years as a top.

We chose a sashiko or orange peel design for the setting triangles and radiating rays to simulate the land of the rising sun, the kimono blocks have a continuous curve design with a chrysanthemum type flower in the centre. All freehand freemotion quilting with just a little ruler work for stitch in the ditch (SID). After debating a little I decided I needed to pin down the outer border so added some quilting to the sashings too, I needed some curves to take up a little fullness so used an egg and dart type design.

Charlie's Kimono and Sashiko Stitcheries 8

Charlie's Kimono and Sashiko Stitcheries 2

Charlie's Kimono and Sashiko Stitcheries 1

Charlie's Kimono and Sashiko Stitcheries 5

Charlie's Kimono and Sashiko Stitcheries 6

Charlie's Kimono and Sashiko Stitcheries 3

I'm loving how this turned out and I think more importantly Charlie like it too!


  1. Wow! That made a fantastic quilt. :D Very nice call on combining rays with the sashiko.

  2. Beautiful quilt.......... those rays look fantastic on the block. You certainly know your stuff!!

  3. Lovely quilting. Just love those orange peel setting triangles... great fun.

  4. I am always truly amazed at the designs you choose for each quilt, they are always so appropriate and make each quilt really tell their story. Another beauty!

  5. Kay - as usual - your quilting astounds me :O) Looking at your work never fails to bring a smile to my face :O) - Ani xx


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