Saturday 2 February 2013

What happened to January?

I can't believe where January went....we had rain, snow, wind, then more rain...the fields are sodden and can take no more water......who ever would want to visit

This little rhyme is fitting for today is Candlemas Day.....02/02/2013

If Candlemas Day be dry and fair
There's half the winter to come and mair
If Candlemas Day be wet and foul
Then half o' winter was gone at yule......

More rain....

I'll let you know.....

Work wise, I've been kept busy with farm office work, getting the books ready for the Accountant and generally getting things back in order....there was a time when all of my paperwork was in order and I knew where to find all of my invoices and information. Now that I am at home more I hope to get back to that state of affairs....we'll see how that goes???

In between all of this tedious work I did a few customer quilts and drew out a couple of quilt patterns for my own future projects, I'm hoping to find time to make at least one quilt of my own this year, so here's hoping?

I've been blessed with some lovely quilts and new customers. Sometimes me living in the country can be a bit awkward for my customers especially if the weather isn't good even though we live on a tarmac road so it's handy for them to have me do a 'drop off and pick up service at my local quilt shop (LQS) which is  Borderland Fabrics in Jedburgh
Now that some of the quilts have been picked up or returned to customers I can start to show you what I've been working on.

The Happy Times panto is always a favorite it quilts out well and gives a lovely softly draping quilt.

This is Jenny's quilt made from fabric yardage but from a pattern taken from a 'jelly roll' book......

Jenny's quilt with Happy Times Panto

Doreen made this quilt for her Granddaughter to take to Uni, it's Doreen's first quilt but I'm sure it won't be her last.....

Doreen's Star quilt with Happy Times panto

Doreen's Star quilt with Happy Times panto 2


  1. I'm with you, where did January go? I hope you find time to work on your own projects!

  2. I love your sketch of the basketweave, would love to do one. Keep us posted on the outcome!

  3. I would LOVE to go to Scotland :):) I have always wanted to go there. Here's to no more rain !!! hugs

  4. My hearts desire is to one day visit Scotland. If I ever get enough airmiles......
    Lovely quilts

  5. Ooo, that last design is intriguing! WM and I plan to visit Scotland in the summer of 2017 to retrace ancestral roots, mine in Glasgow, his in Fraserburgh!

  6. If that was Doreen's first quilt, she will surely be making more! flying Geese, Square in a Square, 8 pointed star! Way to go Doreen!


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