Tuesday 31 December 2013

Auld Years Night.....

We've been just about washed and blown away here in the Scottish Borders these past few weeks, the rest of the UK has been just as bad and in some cases worse.  We didn't suffer from power failures and managed to cook the traditional roast turkey with all of the trimmings and stayed warm and dry to boot. The river did burst it's banks again and the river side fields flooded.

I manage to quilt up a couple of pantos on the beanstalk quilts...I use my Quilt Path computerised system. I will be transitioning to use Quilt Path for customer panto quilts in 2014. The first of the beanstalks was quilted using 'Daisies' by One song Needle Arts, this is a lovely fresh design. The beauty of using the Quilt Path system is the opportunity to change the density of the quilting. I quilted Daisies quite close but some of my customers may like it less dense......myself I like more dense quilting.

The second of the beanstalk was quilted using 'Florence' by Apricot Moon, this one is more open, this was a good exercise to show the difference achieved by changing the size of the designs.


All now bound and gagged.....

I sent this little quilt to Linus, simply quilted with the 'Wildflower' panto by Willow Leaf Studio, plain gray backing fabric with a fleece roll from Ikea....makes a lovely cuddly quilt for a little one....

I started a bit of crochet work on this shawl....I'm loving the grungy colour of this slubby wool.....it's laying on a little quilt I made up to use as a backdrop for my rosettes.....


I've been intending to do this for a while, it's been a good project and shows my rosettes off really well but isn't in your face as it's above the door and isn't really seen when walking into the room.As I was pinning up the rosettes it was good to reflect over the past three years to see how much I have achieved.  It's amazing to think I only started to quilt in 2010 and never entered a quilt into a show until November 2011 when I won 3 firsts.  2012 brought my first Best of Show.....and 2013 brought a second.....I've left a little space in the middle row for a Blue rosette that should come home soon with my purple wholecloth....I've missed that quilt...

Clearing the rosettes from my little shelf has left more space for my silverware too....It was great to reflect over the past year and think about friends old and new.  I hope that you find some time to reflect over the past year and plan a path for the year to come.......here's hoping that it is good in some way for all of us.....Happy New Year to You and Yours......


  1. Happy New Year to you too Kay! I hope you continue to show your quilts...... they should be shown.

  2. I've loved seeing bits and pieces of your home, Kay! Love the way you call your ribbons "rosettes"! You deserve (and I'm sure will win) many more! xoxo, Sheila

  3. That's quite a collection of ribbons and silverware you have there Kay. All of them thoroughly deserved. You are a truly gifted and inspirational quilter. Here's to 2014 :)

  4. Your ribbon wall looks fabulous but with your talent Kay, I think you'll be needing a larger one soon for the ribbons to come! I love the look of your crocheting too, just wish I could get past chain stitch!! Keep warm and dry. :)

  5. My, you have done so well in such a short space of time! You are obviously very gifted in quilting.

  6. Kay, you only started quilting in 2010??? I can't believe that! Love your ribbon center. Your poor farm, though! Does the river break over its banks often?


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