Monday, 10 March 2014

Clearing the Decks.....

I'm busy, never a dull moment. I'm trying to finish up a couple of tops and clear the decks a bit so that I can start on a 'I have to do it right now project'! I like to have my surfaces cleared up a bit to start on new projects it kind of clears the mind....
That in it's self is always a bit funny...this is when you get enticed to start new projects that you were definitely not planning...I will confess that one next time too. I am being good though and finishing up some stuff but will show those next time...

This is a fabulous quilt from a very lovely Lady, Maria, red, black and white (French General) fabrics, with a red fleece backing...very cuddly. As Maria was a little indisposed 'we' chose Trellis Hearts panto, with red thread, it turned out really nice.

Next, we have a lovely stars quilt in tans, rusts and blues in lovely traditional fabrics. My customer chose Surf by Anne Bright, we used Metro thread in Khaki Sand....a very versatile coloured thread it mixes so well with many fabrics. I believe this panto is going to be a firm favourite.

And so I have already started a big wholecloth, here is a sneak peak....

I spent today doing very micro, micro least 8 hours worth my hands hurt!


  1. Wow! I love your leaves! Beautiful!

  2. So very pretty! That's a great panto! And I'm anxious to see what the wholecloth looks like! I already love what I see... and the color is divine!

  3. Can't wait to see that wholecloth quilt! :-D Love those oak leaves.

  4. Another stunner in the making!! Can't wait to see it done. Hopefully I get to see this one later in the year.


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