Saturday, 26 April 2014

Getting back to normal.......

Life is on the way to getting back to the end of the Easter break my Grandkids took advantage of the beautiful weather to ride the horses....Fieron was very brave and rode her Grandads bigger pony. Bess is about 14hh but is very gentle natured and has been out of work for a full year after her self harming accident last year. Kyle rode Tessa and hopes to ride her again for the coming 'rideouts' all being well and Mille escorted them riding Willow who is a young horse from my old mare Moth. Willow was just backed last year so lots of new and exciting experiences for her. The horses are still really unfit, holding onto their winter coats and all the mud caked into their feathers, that's all the hair around their hooves.

Well,  a bit of splashing really cleans up the feathers easily....

In between customer quilts and my other bigger project I wondered how small Quilt Path could quilt a continuous pantograph type design so put on a half hard of backing fabric and quilted up some fabric....

These small feathered leaf motifs are only an inch wide...

So with the fabric I'd quilted up I made a wallet style pouch ....then because you can't only make just one I made another three....just because....pockets front and back and ample room for your phone and some small change....


  1. Goodness, it's like a James Harriot episode! Beautiful! All of it!

  2. Beautiful horses. Love the wee pouches.
    P.S do you know you have that 'robot' thing in place for commenting ??

  3. As our weather turns cold, yours looks beautiful for riding. I bet the kids had a thoroughly enjoyable time! But your pouches,.... they are beautiful!!!!

  4. Wonderful photos and scenery

  5. What fun....a splashing competition.....

  6. I loved seeing the pictures ad video of the horses - looks like a great outing and has me itching to get back on my horse (it's been a while!).Very cute little pouches - a great idea!

  7. What beautiful horses--and so playful! Gorgeous outbuildings too


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